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Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas time has come to the Casey household! We got our tree and decorations up and the kids are loving it! We are also doing the 25 Days of Christ advent calendar and I am so excited for this to be a tradition for years to come! 

I gave Nathan my old stuffed Santa and Elf and he was appropriately thrilled.

I also set up my old American Girl doll Christmas tree in his room! Both kids were happy, and neither will let the ornaments stay on the tree.

Luckily, both kids are a bit more respectful of the big tree, although Mia does sneak over from time to time to cause mischief.

We took the kids to our ward Christmas party, and they got to see Santa! Nathan at least didn't cry this year, but this was as close as he would get, and he refused to utter a word.

Mia was mostly disinterested.

To be fair to both kids, he wasn't very believable.

We did a "December First Party" (on December 2nd...) and the kids opened their Christmas Jammies and a Christmas book! I wanted to take a super adorable picture of the two of them in their matching jammies with their books, but they had other ideas. First, Nathan refused to pose with his sister.

And then his sister was more hoping I would be putting her to bed instead of photographing her, and Nathan wanted to show the inside of his book instead, and then would rather read literally any other book, thank you very much.

We went to McCord's Candies for one of my favorite holiday traditions specific to Indiana for their Candy Cane Tour! They show us how they make candy canes using all the original equipment from 100 years ago, and then we get to bend our own candy canes and take them home! Nathan was worried about his breaking, in this photo.

Another fun Indiana tradition is that the Faith church here puts on a huge live Nativity. We have loved going every year! It's really well done and a lot of fun. It's also always very cold, but the drive line is usually an hour long, so we brave the cold to get through quicker for the children.

I have loved being able to snuggle up in the glow of the Christmas tree, and the other night both babies fresh from the bath came to join me!

It's the hap-happiest season of all!
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