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Monday, November 5, 2018

Soccer Shots!

It's no secret that Nathan loves kicking a ball around, so when I found out there is a little kids soccer program that starts at age 2, I was really intrigued! I found out about Soccer Shots right before we headed out to Albuquerque, so I signed Nathan up for the fall season. What I love about it is that they focus on teaching them skills on their level. Each kid gets their own ball to practice with. There aren't any games where they run around in a herd around the ball (even though that's terribly cute). I just love that it was on his level and he learned age appropriate skills, and left still loving soccer! We'll for sure be signing him up again.

One of the skill they learned was "control", where they stand on the ball with one foot. (I'm a total soccer novice, so I learned along with him!)

Nathan following instructions!!

They played fun little games where they would kick the ball around and try to knock down the cones. The tricky part for the cute little kids was not using their hands!! Nathan was really getting the hang of it there at the end.

At the end of each practice they would get a turn shooting a goal. It was probably Nathan's favorite part. He always looked so proud of himself when the ball went in!

We had the best time watching Nathan play soccer, and I loved that he loved it too. Soccer Shots is a great program if you're looking for an age appropriate way to teach your little kids soccer! I believe it goes from age 2-8. I can't recommend it enough! 

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