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Thursday, October 18, 2018

What's Up At Home - Our Daily Life!

Reading this blog you would think we only go on vacations!! The past 6 months have definitely been full of adventure and travel, but now things are starting to slow down. It's funny to look at my calendar from this year because from January to April almost every day is full of something to do, and then from May-August it's only the weekends that are full (hello to having no friends or obligations in Albuquerque!) and September and October are completely full again! So what have we been up to??

We've been going back to story time at the library and I've been convinced that nothing explains my children's personalities better - Nathan, sitting right next to me. Amelia, climbing in to some random woman's lap and meeting new kids.

I signed Nathan up for soccer! If you have read any of my updates on him, you know he's been kicking a ball better than me since the moment he could walk. There is the cutest program called Soccer Shots (I'll link it so you can check it out if you're interested!) and they start at 2 years old! They run and play games and each kid has their own ball to practice with. They don't have any soccer games where they run around chasing the ball, which is fine by me. Nathan is learning actual skills! At first I had him in the class for 3-5 year olds, but it quickly became apparent he wasn't comfortable with so many older kids, so I moved him to the 2/young 3 class. He has been thriving ever since! It's so cute to watch him try his best and learn new things.

We also started a co-op Joy School with some friends, and Nathan has been loving that as well! It's also been fun for me to put my teacher hat back on every few weeks. Makes me remember why I liked it!

I'm in charge of the playgroup at my church, and it's been such a blast for me to organize activities! I've never been much of an organizer - if you want to plan something, you can count on me to show up! But I've never liked being in charge. Until now! It's been so fun to create an atmosphere where all the women feel welcome, and it's been a blast to get to know all these beautiful people! A few weeks ago we went to Exploration Acres and all the kids got to pick out a little pumpkin. It was a huge hit!

Also a couple weeks ago, my friend Annie and I went to an event at the Indianapolis Children's Museum where we got a sneak preview of their haunted house exhibit! The kids weren't huge fans of the haunted house haha (they were mostly confused), but afterward we got to play wherever we wanted in the museum so that was a huge perk! I do have to say that the haunted house was very creative and fun, and if you live near Indianapolis you should go check it out! We ended up spending most of our time in the little toddler play space they have. It is perfect, and if I lived closer I would have a museum pass just to go there!

While Nathan was napping, Amelia and I did a photoshoot for her 11 month pictures, and also for her new magazine! We got the opportunity to collaborate with Highlight Magazine (do you remember that from childhood??) and it's the cutest! They make a new one just for babies 0-2 years of age, and it's the perfect size for them to hold, plus it's made out of this non-ripping material so Amelia can chew on it all day if she wants and it won't get damaged. It has cute little poems and stories, and I just think it's the best idea. Mia loves reading, and if you bring out a book she starts bouncing up and down and squealing, so it makes her very happy when a magazine comes in the mail! As far as collaborations go, I try to make a point of only accepting things that I actually need/or will actually fit seamlessly into our lives. I've been really happy with this one! I would totally recommend it to my friends, or as a good gift for a baby shower or something!

So that's what we've been up to lately! It's been so good to be back here in Lafayette. When we moved to Albuquerque, Nathan got really shy and reclusive. It made me really sad to see how much he missed his home here and his friends. I wasn't expecting it at all! Now that we've been back and he's got more involved with friends and activities he has totally opened back up, and will talk to anyone and happily tries new things. It's been so good.

Yesterday before Joy School I got Nathan all bundled up because they were going to be outside and he said, "oh wow, I look pretty cool!" and it was the best :)

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