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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Our Trip Home: Paradise is Grandma's House

After we left Zion, we headed north to visit my grandparents and parents, and also see Alex's family! (Who we really need to take more pictures with, apparently.) On the way up, we stopped in Scipio and went to the petting zoo, which is really a must see if you are traveling up or down Utah. It's just a gas station with a petting zoo, but I always feel compelled to stop. And this time was totally worth it more than usual because they had a tiny baby zebra, and guess what?? The zebra LOVED me! It was precious. 

Mia was doing this funny thing where any time it was windy she stuck her tongue out, so I had to have a picture of it.

When we finally got to my grandparent's house, it was pouring rain which made it a little hard to unload everything we needed, so we just enjoyed sitting and talking and we ordered pizza and had some "bumbleberry pie" that we picked up in Springdale. 

The next day the sun came out, and the fun began! It was my mom's birthday, and I was so excited the timing worked out that we could be there to celebrate her. We had a big family dinner. I love being able to attend family gatherings! Since moving to Indiana, I appreciate them a lot more. 

My parents are building a house next door to my grandparents, and Nathan LOVES watching the "beeps" do their work. This trip was full of time spent watching the construction.

I got to spend a lot of time with friends on this trip which was nice! I went to a surprise baby shower for my friend Stacia and a brunch with some cute blog friends I have made over the years! It's always easier for me to get out and do things when I have Alex to watch the kids + lots of family as babysitters. Just another reason to move back someday...

Nathan jumped right back in to his routine from July watering flowers with my grandma. Her house really is a paradise for kids. He loves taking care of the yard, playing in the dirt, watching the beeps, playing on the swing set, and exploring her house and all her toys. Probably the hardest part about leaving Utah every time is that I know Nathan will miss doing all of those fun things and being surrounded by people who absolutely love and adore him. He has a good life here in Indiana, but there's just something so special about him being able to spend time with his grandparents and great grandparents. And now we have Mia too, so she'll start loving it as much as Nathan!

 Watering the flowers usually results in a whole outfit change haha, but I'm not complaining!

Often Nathan would be so excited to get outside and going that he would not get dressed. So playing in the dirt in pajama happened. Look at that face though... is there a happier kid? I don't think so.

My grandma has beautiful flowers all over her property, a large garden, and an orchard of fruit trees. Endless entertainment, and endless delicious home grown food. It really is paradise.

While Nathan was busy exploring and playing, Mia usually tagged along with me and my mom. We went shopping and out to eat and enjoyed the girl time. But Mia is always happy to come back and see her dad and brother and get some play time of her own in.

On the weekend, Alex hiked Mt. Timpanogos at night so that he could see the sunrise at the top. He keeps trying to convince me to do this with him by saying things like, "I banged my toe really hard on a rock and my toenail came off," and "I saw a moose on the trail," and "It was freezing cold at the top with the wind," so, I'm really not convinced yet.

We went to a really fun museum with Alex's mom and sister, and we went over to their house for dinner, but I don't seem to have any pictures of those things, which seems like a huge oversight. Nathan loves his Grandma Casey just as much as his other grandmas. We pulled in to their driveway and she poked her head out to say she was coming, and Nathan gasped and said, "Grandma Casey! I love her! I love playing with her!" The Casey's are a very important part of our lives too, and the kids are just as loved and adored and do just as much loving toward them. And now I resolve to take more pictures when I am with them.

All too soon, the trip to Utah was over and it was time to begin our three day journey back to Indiana... We packed our essentials back in to our car and headed out.

Our little family had a lot of adventures this summer. It was a great way to end it, surrounded by our family. We spent a lot of time discovering what we want for our future, and to end it in Utah really solidified our goals. We want to be with family, and we're trying to do what it takes to get back there. See you in December, Utah!

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