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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Our Trip Home: Nebraska

It should be apparent by now that our little family is not afraid of taking detours and seeing the sights. The hard part about driving from Utah to Indiana is that there just aren't really... any sights. In fact, it was a little bit anxiety inducing to me once we hit Nebraska, because I knew that there is basically nothing there. Like, where were we going to stop to eat? What about the kids? Mia needs to stop and be fed every 2.5 to 3 hours! We stopped at a rest stop there at one point, and got on the map to check if there was a place we could get food in the middle of Nebraska, and the city of Kearney seemed to be somewhat civilized. We got back in the car, drove for 15 minutes, and took the exit! Somehow while winding down a random road, we discovered the Great Platte River Road Archway.

We decided to stop there so I could feed Mia, and while I was feeding her, Alex and Nathan went inside the "museum" to check it out. They came back telling me it was worth going in to, and they were not wrong!!

Just before our lives were changed!!!!!
We entered the building, got our tickets and headphones for the tour, and started up a very tall escalator. The headphones told us a lovely story of a young pioneer girl writing in her journal. As we looked over the edge of the escalator, we could see a model of her, sitting on a rock, writing in her journal. We went through the doors and stepped into a thunder storm!! The lights flickered, the thunder rumbled, it was all extremely realistic. Suddenly we were transported to the time when the pioneers decided to cross the plains.

We went through the continental railroad being built and the pony express! We saw the first vehicles! We went to the drive in movies, and a 50s style diner. We appreciated the pioneers of every day and age, all the men and women who went before us.

Honestly it really was really well done, and we definitely enjoyed our time there. We thought it was a little expensive, but I personally think the special effects were worth it. If for some reason you happen to be driving through the long, dreary expanse that is Nebraska, I would recommend stopping there. 

If anything, there is a gift shop at the end, where your 10 month old baby will fall in love with a sock monkey stuffed animal, and you'll realize you don't buy her anything of her own anyway, so you'll purchase it for her, and then you'll see her sleeping happily with it in the car and get a great picture out of it. 

You really just never know!!
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