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Monday, October 8, 2018

Nathan's Birthday!

Nathan had a birthday! Nathan is three! 

You guys, I'm not a pinterest mom. And I honestly have no desire to be. If you are a pinterest mom and you enjoy putting together beautiful elaborate parties for your children, good for you! It's not my thing. In fact, when Nathan's birthday came around this year, Amelia had been sleeping really horribly, so I was exhausted, and I basically texted our friends and told them to plan what we were going to do because I seriously couldn't even think. 

Thanks to good friends, we came up with a really fun plan and had a blast for Nathan's birthday - which really became a birth weekend, and none of us were complaining!

Alex was out of town on Nathan's actual birthday, so we pretended the day after his birthday (a Friday) was the day. We made Nathan a yummy breakfast and gave him a couple presents. They were books, and he was the appropriate level of excited for when you are three years old and you get books. We went to the park with some friends after while Alex went off to work! That evening, our friends came over to help Alex finish Nathan's new toddler bed, and the kids played happily with Nathan's actual fun birthday present which was a huge set of Magformers! (Thanks to the grandmas!!) 

On Saturday, we met up with our friends to go a few towns over to the Apple and Popcorn Festival! We were very excited to do apple bobbing and eat lots of popcorn and partake of a fun small town event. When we got there, first of all, Amelia had the largest blowout of her life and I realized I had no extra clothes for her, so we found a dollar store and snagged her a cheap outfit. After that we walked over to the festival and quickly realized our expectations would not be met. It was a typical street vendor festival where everyone is selling their crafts and overpriced food. I saw one popcorn stand and another stand that was selling lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, which just happened to also include apples. Despite our slight disappointment we managed to have a wonderful time there anyway! We're lucky to have good friends who are up for anything!

Once the kids were good and worn out, we headed home. We made the last minute decision to reserve a fire pit at my favorite fall place - Exploration Acres - and continue the birthday celebration with roasted hot dogs and s'mores! This turned out to be the best decision of the day. We probably should have just spent all day long there, in hindsight, but doing both things was still pretty great.

See those bags under my eyes? I told you, NOT ENOUGH SLEEP. 

Exploration Acres is seriously the best. It can entertain everyone all day long! The kids were in heaven. They had a cute little tractor train that the kids loved, and then they have all sorts of activities like a sand area, swings, teeter totters, a slide, barrel racing, corn catapulting, and to top it all off they have a huge corn maze. This year the corn maze is Stranger Things themed!

It was such a fun day! I have the cutest video of the kids chasing each other and laughing so hard. I am so glad that Nathan has such cute friends. It's a huge bonus that Alex and I are such good friends with Nick and Whitney, too! It was the perfect birthday celebration, if you ask me!

Because we did so many things on Saturday, we didn't have time to eat any cake. So on Sunday we invited a couple of Nathan's other friends over who couldn't join us on Saturday, and we all had cake together! I made a really good funfetti cake and then didn't photograph it. It is what it is.

And finally, after much hard work on Alex's part, and much patience from the rest of us, Nathan's new toddler bed was complete! Hallelujah!

I loved celebrating our favorite boy. It may not have been pinterest worthy, but it sure was a ton of fun!
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