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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Girls Trip to Virginia!

When I was in Utah back in July, my mom and I hatched the plan to go visit Abi for her 25th birthday in Virginia. We decided it would be a surprise. A girls trip surprise! I would leave Nathan with Alex and take Mia with me. We got online and looked at ticket prices. They were extraordinarily cheap, so we took it as a sign and bought them. (I used airline points and ended up only paying $11!!) When Olivia got back from Italy she was naturally upset that we had booked the trip without her, and with a few clicks of a button, she was all set to go with us!

Sept. 20 arrived, and I hopped on a plane from Indianapolis to Chicago, met my mom and Olivia (they had their layover in the same place and then we had the same flight from Chicago to D.C.!) and the trip began! I had made sure with Abi's husband, Jake, that they would be home for the weekend, so he knew something was up, but he was a real trooper and kept it a secret from Abi the whole time! 

Mia was a little unsure of what was happening, but she wasn't mad about it. When we got to D.C. we found our rental car, where despite my hesitancy, I was signed on as the driver. (I don't like driving in new places, especially big cities!) We drove to Virginia and found our hotel, unloaded our things, and then headed over to Abi's apartment!

The plan was this: Olivia and I would go up to her door for the initial surprise, and then five minutes later my mom would show up at the door. Abi was pretty certain my mom would never come to Virginia to visit her, so we thought saving my mom for the biggest surprise would be a good move. My mom almost blew it when she left her location on Find My Friends, but luckily Abi didn't see it before we turned it off. Abi was surprised and happy when Olivia and I came to the door! She asked about Mom and we told her that Mom was too busy with work and building her house and couldn't make it. But then five minutes later she was also at the door! It was a great time, and just like we wanted it!

We spent the next day shopping in Georgetown, and it was so fun shopping with my mom and sisters just like the old days! Mia got pretty worn out, but she was a trooper the whole time! And then on Saturday, Abi's actual birthday, we went in to D.C. and saw the sights! Olivia's friend is interning at the capital so he took us on a private tour of the capital building and we got to see things most people don't see! After that we walked down to the Washington Monument and just looked at the Lincoln Monument from afar. It's quite a long walk, and we were tired. We ate tons of good food and then headed back to the hotel to go swimming and eat Abi's birthday poptarts from Ted's Bulletin before bed!

On Sunday we all slept in. It was a really rainy day and we took it easy just hanging out. We did drive a ways to Moo Thru which is the best ice cream I ever had, but we ended up really just loving the sorbet options! Grape fruit sorbet is amazing, who knew??

On Monday we got pedicures and met my friend Rachel for lunch! I'm really sad we didn't get a picture together. What were we thinking? She has a sweet baby boy I hadn't met yet, and it was really fun to catch up. After that we went to Harper's Ferry even though it was pouring rain and looked around a little. I have resolved to go back when I can fully enjoy it in the sunshine!

Tuesday it was time to say our good-byes and head back home. We thought we were on the same flight to Chicago, but somehow it didn't work out that way, so I said good-bye to Olivia and my Mom in D.C. and then we met in Chicago for dinner before my flight back to Indiana and theirs to Utah. It was the perfect girls trip and so much fun to surprise Abi and celebrate her birthday with her! Because we moved I haven't been with her on her birthday for three years!

(When I looked at the weather before packing for Virginia, it seemed like the weather would be in the 70s and not too bad, but when I got there it was very rainy and cold?? So basically Mia had nothing to wear which resulted in a lot of random mixing and matching to keep her warm haha...)

It was also a ton of fun to have one on one time with this little lady. My experience with the second baby has been completely different from the first! I think it's good to have special time with her since I can't give her 100% of me like I could with Nathan! Nathan and Alex had a great time with their one on one time back at home as well! Alex started thinking maybe he should just be a stay at home dad. And after Nathan's massive tantrum the day after I got home, I started thinking maybe he should be the stay at home dad too... ;)
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