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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Amelia is One!

This is Amelia. (Mia, for short.)

She's lived on this earth for one whole year!

She's pretty happy about it.

At one year, Amelia is completely delightful. She brings sunshine and rainbows in to every room she enters. She'll happily give a huge smile to anyone who looks at her, and she'll be your best friend without hesitation. No matter where we go, she manages to make a new friend. She loves exploring, and crawls really fast to any location! She pulls herself up to standing on anything or anyone, and cruises along things with grace. She practices walking every now and then with us, but she seems to still be happy with her efficiency at crawling.

She also refuses to keep socks on, and since having her I have received more mommy judging than ever before. (Won't keep her socks on when it's cold, won't keep her hat on when it's sunny, etc.)

She is starting to babble a lot more, and I've heard her say a couple words. (I base this off of if she says it more than once, in the correct context. Dadadada does not count as a word in my mind haha.) She says hi, yay, night-night, and ooh! any time she sees something she loves haha. Maybe it's more of a sound, but she says it literally all the time when she gets excited about stuff and it's the cutest. She also still really enjoys screeching and screaming like a banshee, especially when she's tired.

Mia has the cutest little personality. She's super friendly, happy and active. She loves trying new things, and she knows what will make us ooh and ah over her. She's starting to try to be funny on purpose. She loves to "rawr" at us. She learned this from her dad and brother who have been roaring at her since she was born... I'm not sure why. Maybe it's a boy thing. When she does something correctly and you cheer for her, she gives you either a happy dance, or her smug face.

Amelia is very curious. She wants to touch everything and eat everything and know how it all works. I'm constantly pulling things out of her mouth or moving her away from things I don't want her to get in to. This is the opposite of Nathan. With Nathan I could tell him to stop something, and he would immediately stop. If I tell Mia no, or stop, she smiles at me and continues doing what she wants to do. I may have my work cut out for me.

She's a little bit tall, and kind of a lightweight (I may add her actual stats tomorrow after her doctors appointment) and I love it. She had a kidney checkup the other day and it was good news! The cysts on her kidney have started shrinking, so they will likely disappear with a little more time. Her body is perfect and smart!

Our Baby Mia has brought joy to our lives since the day she was born. I was so nervous about adding another person to our family, but she fits in just right! She's the perfect addition in every way and we can't imagine life without her. I love her beautiful blue eyes, the way she purses her lips, her cubby neck, her long legs, and most especially her big heart and smile. She is our little princess and our wonder baby. Here's to more good years to come!

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