CaseyLand: Three

Thursday, September 13, 2018


My sweet boy is three years old. The best three years of our lives! Nathan is hilarious, insightful, compassionate, smart, and friendly. He is quiet at first, but when he gets to know you he will talk your ear off. His vocabulary has been expanding rapidly. He's a little parrot, and it's equal parts amazing and alarming (we've definitely had to watch what we say around him!). For instance, the other day we were at a friend's house and one of them mentioned that the dessert had a "soggy bottom" (anyone else watch The Great British Baking Show?) and Nathan attached himself to that phrase really quickly! He was making me and my friend some "tetend" food and when we started to pretend to eat it, he said, "no! Don't eat that one! It has a soggy bottom!" Haha, we laughed pretty hard.

Nathan picks up on things extremely quickly and will notice minute details that Alex and I easily overlook. There have been so many times he points things out to us and we either had no clue he knew what it was, or have no idea how he even noticed it from so far away. He loves trains and can spot one from a mile away, and he is also still enamored with any "beeps", garbage trucks, "wee-ooh wee-oohs", and taxis. Haha he thinks all yellow cars are taxis which brings us lots of amusement. Especially when he points out yellow corvettes or some fancy sports car and calls it a taxi. We don't correct him haha.

He loves kicking a soccer ball still, and has only gotten more skilled! We signed him up for the cutest soccer class, and he was timid at first, but in the car he told us he loved it but he thinks he needs faster shoes haha. It's so fun watching him do things he loves and talk about "practicing". He just has the best attitude!

As a big brother, Nathan excels. He is so kind and sweet with Amelia it's adorable. He always brings her toys to play with and tries really hard to make her laugh and keep her happy. They will sit and giggle with each other over who knows what for the longest time and it just brings me so much joy! She climbs all over him and he laughs and laughs. Of course he has his moments when she drives him crazy, but that's siblings for ya! He is such a good protective brother. I always wanted an older brother when I was growing up, and I have a feeling Nathan will be the best.

He is still very much a mama's boy, but when daddy is gone to work Nathan asks about him all day long. He still loves his aunt Abi better than anyone else, but if she's not around he will happily take any of his grandmas and has started developing a special relationship with my brother. I hope we can move close to family one day so Nathan can be near all of his favorite people! It is so fun to see him love them and to watch them love him so much.

It is such a pleasure watching Nathan grow up. It's bittersweet watching him turn from a baby into a toddler, and now getting closer to being a little boy. I look at pictures of him as a baby and can't even believe that all happened! And now here he is, my sweet three year old. I love him I love him I love him.

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