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Friday, September 7, 2018

New Mexico: Meow Wolf

When I got back from Utah, it was so hard to get back in to our normal New Mexico routine! I just wanted to either be back in Utah with family, or back in Indiana with friends. Luckily we got back on a Wednesday, and Alex had that Friday off of work, so it was a pretty easy transition. We decided to use the Friday off to head up to Santa Fe and go to Meow Wolf!

It would actually be really beneficial for you to click the link to Meow Wolf, because honestly it's kind of hard to describe, and the pictures I took don't totally capture the experience. Basically, it's an interactive art installation? You walk in, and there is a life size house that you walk in to. There is a mystery about the family in the house you can solve, but it's pretty complicated and we wouldn't have been able to do it with the kids. It would be a super fun date though if you had all day! Anyway, you walk in the house, and it looks normal, but the tv is acting weird and there are some things around that just show something has happened at the house. You can go upstairs to the bedrooms, or stay downstairs in the living room and kitchen BUT it's not just the house... You can walk through the refrigerator door into another dimension. Or, you could go through the fireplace. OR you could go through a tiny space in the closet in the bedroom. OR... you get the idea. Once you get in to the other dimension, things get pretty trippy! It's all bright colors, crazy art, loud music, there's a big tree house, places to hide, actors in funny costumes you can talk to... it was so interesting!

Like I said, I don't know if I can adequately describe what the place was like, but just know it was really fun and totally worth going to. I guess they have locations in Denver and Las Vegas as well, so you don't have to randomly be in New Mexico! (And for friends who live in New Mexico, lucky you! Go there!)

Here are some pictures:

I think what's hard to get from the pictures is just the overall size of the place. It was seriously huge! You could really spend all day there exploring the different rooms, looking for clues, and noticing the little details everywhere. It's a truly very unique experience!
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