CaseyLand: Our Stay In Utah: Part 3

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Our Stay In Utah: Part 3

On our last full day in Utah, I thought it would be fun to document a day in the life visiting Grandma's house! Nathan sleeps in "the baby room" and it's so cute. I remember sleeping there when I was little. I just love sharing these memories with my kids!

I get him out of bed, and then we walk downstairs. Random: Alex has always been very mindful of keeping Nathan safe, especially on stairs. I mentioned something in a text one day about Nathan going up the stairs, and Alex texted back, "is Nathan going up and down the stairs unsupervised??" and I just replied, "yep! he's gotten pretty good at it!" hahahaha. He's such a good protective dad. But really, Nathan is great going down the stairs now. This may seem random, but our house in Indiana and our apartment don't have stairs, so Nathan honestly has not had a ton of experience with them in his almost three years of life. At least with long staircases!

My grandma and grandpa wake up pretty early every morning, so they were usually done with breakfast by the time we'd come down, but this day they had made waffles, and we got to eat with them for a few minutes! (My kids did NOT sleep in a grandma and grandpa's house, and if you follow me at all, you know that they normally sleep in until like 9-10am, so this was hard for me haha)

Nathan always wanted to sit on the little stool, because twice he was sitting on the other chairs and they tipped over... it was traumatic. Although the first time it happened, I reached over and snatched him out of the air while the chair was falling, and I definitely felt like super mom! The second time it happened I wasn't so lucky. But somehow Nathan landed standing up on the chair? I think the seat of the chair knocked the wind out of him because he screamed and screamed. Like, my grandma and I thought maybe he had broken a bone, it was that kind of screaming. But then in the middle of screaming he yells, "PUT ME TO BED!!!!" (It was nap time.) So the chair falling over, plus being tired caused the screaming I guess. It was pretty funny once he yelled that!

My mom and dad are building a house next door to my grandparent's so my mom would always stop by before she went to work to say hi to the babies and promise to try to come home from work early! Ugh, jobs are so annoying sometimes.

After breakfast, we love to go outside, and Nathan loves to water the flowers with my grandma, like I mentioned in a previous post! On this day, Mia got to play outside for a little bit before her morning nap, and it was pretty fun!

At lunch time, we picked up my mom and brother and went to Corner Bakery. I love that place! Especially their lemon bars. This time we got a homemade lemon pop tart, and it was pretty good! I think I still prefer the lemon bar.

That evening was Family Home Evening, so we packed a picnic and went to a new park nearby to eat and play! The kids loved the water feature, and we walked down to the actual little stream and Nathan and my brother played a game where Nathan dropped a ping pong ball in the water and watched it flow down, while my brother chased after it to bring it back to him. I think my brother loved it! ;)

Funny story: There was this little boy, like five years old, who was just obsessed with Mia. He was hugging her and playing with her and getting all up in her space, completely disregarding that I was even standing there. When he leaned over to kiss her on the mouth, I intervened... haha darn kids!!

It's always fun at Grandma's house!

Just so everyone knows, the flight back to New Mexico went SO MUCH MORE SMOOTHLY and it was seriously a tender mercy. I was terrified after our flight to Utah haha. This time the kids were angels!

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