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Monday, July 2, 2018

7 Summer Activities for Kids

It's the first Monday in July, and you know what that means? Mommy Style Monday! Today we're talking about fun summer activities! 

I feel like my whole blog this summer could probably answer this Mommy Style Monday prompt... haha, but I will condense some ideas!

In my podcast interview a few weeks ago, I was asked what a motherhood looks like for me right now, and I said something about having a lot of fun, and Jessica said something like, "most people with a 2.5 year old and 7 month old wouldn't describe it as a lot of fun!" Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't, but I wasn't lying! We truly do have a lot of fun. Because guess what? I personally, would like to enjoy my day and have fun. So I plan things that will be fun for the kids, and by default, I also have fun!! 

So, here are some summer fun ideas:

1. Take advantage of parks: In our neighborhood there are three playgrounds within walking distance, and a good handful within 10 minutes if you're driving. We love going on walks, Nathan rides his balance bike, and ending at a park. It's a great way to get the energy out, especially in the evenings before bed! But let's be honest, in New Mexico we're really only going to the parks in the morning or evening anyway because of the heat. Speaking of heat...

2. Splash Pads and Pools: We have truly enjoyed spending time at the splash pad and usually go once or twice a week. It's something both of my kids can enjoy, even with the two year age difference. I can stick Amelia by a small fountain and she plays happily, while Nathan runs from place to place, getting as wet as he wants! I don't even mind when they splash me, because it's so hot out! We also love to go swimming at the pool, but I like doing that with other people usually since it's nice to have more eyes on the kids. We put the kids both in swim lessons, and both of them are super comfortable in the water now, so with their floaties we have a great time!

3. Museums: For a good indoor activity, I love looking for children's museums. When it's just too hot to be outside but I need a way to burn their energy, this is the easiest! Here in Albuquerque there is a great one called Explora, and seriously Nathan could spend all day there. Back in Indiana there is a smaller one, but it's still plenty of fun! Look for a children's museum near you, and seriously consider getting an annual pass if they offer one. It's so nice to have a cool place to go on a hot day!

4. The Zoo and Aquariums: We love going to the zoo! It's a great place to walk around and it's so fun for the kids to see the animals. Our zoo here is pretty big, and it also includes a huge grassy area where you could sit and eat, so bringing a picnic lunch could be really fun too! We like to go walk around, and then take the train over to the aquarium.  I like aquariums in the summer because they usually have a lot of indoor areas where you can cool down!

5. Walking and Hiking: As a family, this has become one of our favorite activities. I mentioned walking to the park, but we also just went on a walk along the Rio Grande, and it was so peaceful! It's a great way to spend time outdoors and also get to chat and make memories. I love hiking to get away from the normal day to day in the city and truly enjoy the great outdoors! It's so great to foster a love of nature in the children as well. I love seeing Nathan get curious about the world around him, and he has seen so many cool things out on hikes!

6. Farmers and Artisans Markets: We stumbled upon an artisan market on our trip to Santa Fe, and I was so excited! I love walking around and seeing the cool things people are creating. A farmer's market can be fun to walk around as well, and the plus side is you know they have a ton of good food. We haven't been to one in New Mexico yet, but I liked going to the small ones back in Indiana last summer!

7. Home Activities: Back when I thought I might not have a car for the whole summer, I got really interested in activities I could do with the kids at home. Our friend gave us a water table for Nathan to play with, and we love going on our back patio and letting him splash around! Staying home can be nice, but I like to have activities in mind so the day doesn't drag. Some fun things to do at home with kids are play dough, baking a treat, making ice cream, drawing with chalk, coloring, building with blocks, and Nathan's favorite "playing cars". I found a great summer activity list on Busy Toddler, and I want to work my way through it!

One thing I like to do if we aren't sure what to do but want to get out of the house is look online at what is going on in the city. Most cities will have a calendar of events, and it's always stuff I never would have known was happening, but would love to attend! Albuquerque has a baseball team and we would love to hang out at a game some time! They also do movies at night on a big projector about once a week, and there are weekly concerts in the Old Town area. If you check your city or a city nearby, you'll be surprised how much they have going on!

I'm always looking for ways to entertain the family, and in turn entertain myself! We love to take it slow and then party hard over here, so it's been probably the most fun summer we have had!

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