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Monday, June 11, 2018

New Mexico: A Surprise Visit!

Like, I said, Alex and I were just relaxing in our front room while the babies napped, when suddenly there was a knock on the door!

I was confused about who it could possibly be. Alex got up to answer it, and he looked really surprised, so I stood up to see who it was and suddenly my mom was walking in the door!! What?!?! I was so shocked and so so so happy. It was the best surprise after a long hard week. She showed up with my sister Abi, which was equally as exciting! Abi lives all the way in Virginia, and my mom in Utah, so they got flights that landed around the same time and drove to my apartment together. How perfect!

We spent Mother's Day weekend together. Alex suddenly had a whole bunch of women to spoil instead of just me haha, but Abi and my mom ended up making me delicious crepes for breakfast! We all went to church together. Nathan and Amelia were in heaven having so much attention, it was so adorable. Abi is Nathan's favorite person alive, so he was especially thrilled.

The week consisted of trips to Costco, shopping, going to the parks, way too much sugar, getting passes to the BioPark (consists of a zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens, and more!), and staying up late talking. It was so hard to say goodbye to them and know that I was going to have to start my new life in New Mexico all over again. Thankfully Alex had someone to carpool with so I had some freedom!

Some pictures from Mother's Day! I think Nathan was napping? I never take very many pictures when family is in town, a terrible habit, so somehow I have no pictures of any of us with Nathan, but I promise he was there and very happy!

 tiny girl's first time in a swing! 

We were playing with portrait mode on my mom's phone and she snapped this one. Seriously, Mia is so beautiful!!

Having my mom and Abi come was the best, and I wish they could come again! A couple weeks later I had a dream they were coming back and when I woke up I was so bummed. Nathan and I were so depressed after they left we caught a terrible sickness and were laid up in bed for almost a whole week after they left! So much for having a car to drive... Thankfully that weekend was a lot of fun! I'll post about that one next :)
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