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Friday, June 22, 2018

New Mexico: Santa Fe

A couple weekends ago we decided to take a drive. We packed lunches and snacks and headed out on the open road toward Santa Fe! Our original intent was to get there and probably just turn around, but we brought the stroller just in case.

On the way there we saw a sign for the "Mormon Battalion Monument" and decided since we are Mormon we should probably give it a little look! It was an ok monument, but the history behind it was really cool. The inscription said something about how the men walked for 2,000 miles and sometimes didn't have any food or anything at all. If you know the history, you know that the men were asked to come help with the Mexican war, but once they got there, they weren't actually needed so they just had to turn around and walk the 2,000 miles home! On the inscription there was a quote that said something about them paving a trail and building wells and stuff that would help people for years and years to come, so I guess it was worth it! 

When we pulled in to Santa Fe and got to the main street area, we knew we had to stop! Especially once we saw there was a fun market going on. I love walking around these things and seeing everybody's arts and crafts and jewelry! We ended up getting Amelia the most beautiful handmade Peruvian dress. I talked with the owner of that shop for a little while and she was so sweet and friendly!

I am looking at these pictures now and wishing I would have taken more pictures of people's products, but maybe that's weird anyway? I wouldn't want them to think I was trying to steal their ideas. There was one man who grows his own squash, and then dries and hollows them out. He then cuts the side open and constructs little buildings inside and puts LED lights in the windows, and they are Christmas ornaments! So you can hang the gourd and put a Christmas light in it and it lights up the cutest little scene! If only I had all the money in the world...

This church was the oldest Cathedral. The original was made of adobe and built in the 1600s! There have been a couple times of rebuilding and now you have this one, but the history is still very cool. Santa Fe is the oldest capitol city in the United States. It was settled by Spanish conquistadors in 1609, and it's the oldest European community west of the Mississippi! It's pretty crazy to think about. I don't often picture the west as being settled by Europeans at all that early, but I guess there definitely were people there!

The man who built these beautiful copper fountains wasn't a huge fan of Nathan being anywhere near them. Nathan wasn't touching them at all, but he thought they were so beautiful! The shop owner kept popping up and randomly telling me all the reasons kids could get hurt or whatever, so I took the hint and we left his area. They were truly beautiful fountains though! It amazes me that people develop these skills. Like one day he said to himself, "Hey, I could make a beautiful fountain out of copper. And I could sell it." and then he did! I'm always impressed by people who go forward with their ideas, because it's something I have a hard time with! I'm working on it :)

After the drive to Santa Fe we decided to be even crazier and we drove another 45 minutes to Los Alamos, which is pretty high up in the mountains. It was a gorgeous little city. I can't imagine living in a place with only one grocery store, but the quiet life does appeal sometimes!

The kids did great on our long drive adventure, and we enjoyed seeing places in New Mexico that are so different from Albuquerque!

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