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Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Mexico: Petroglyph National Monument

A couple Saturdays ago, we planned to go on the Petroglyph National Monument hike. You can see hundreds of petroglyphs and it's about 15 minutes from our apartment here! We plugged the monument in to our GPS and it took us to the visitor's center, so we walked in to check it out all decked out in our camel baks and hiking clothes, only to find out that the hike is actually a fifteen minute drive from the visitor center! Whoops. 

It was ok that we stopped there though, because we found the coolest little National Park/Monument "passport", and we decided to get it! A while ago, Alex and I were discussing how families always have a place they like to go on family vacations. My family goes to Oregon, Alex's family would go up to Bear Lake and rent jet skis, etc. We were wondering what we would end up doing with our little family and I said it would be fun to try to go to a different National Park every year! The Passport helped us to realize we still had that dream, and now we have a fun way to document and check stuff off our list! 

After we had made our purchases (Nathan got a new water bottle with the monument sticker on it which he calls his "Camel Cup") we made the decision to take the kids home for naps and try the hike later. I was a little worried about doing it later just because it would be wayyyy hotter later in the day, but Amelia was tired and didn't get why we had put her in the baby carrier to just walk around a visitor's center, so we went home. 

Later that afternoon we decided to just go for it! I wish I would have taken a picture of the hike from top to bottom, but the thought didn't occur to me! It's a super steep hill? Not a mountain, but fairly tall. You hike basically straight up some steep switchbacks. I was nervous for how Nathan would do, but he did AMAZING. He hiked the whole thing by himself without needing to be picked up. We held his hand on really steep parts or to help him climb over the large lava rocks, but seriously, I was very impressed with his stamina. We did, however, decide he needed some legit hiking shoes, because shoes with no grip make it a little harder!

I love learning about history and enjoying the world around me. To be able to see these petroglyphs that were made thousands of years ago and ponder on what they all mean was really incredible! We've decided we don't want to be the type of people who live in a place and never get around to exploring the truly beautiful things that place has to offer, and I'm so glad we took the time to have this experience, even if it was the hottest part of the day!
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