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Friday, June 8, 2018

New Mexico: Sandia Peak

So, we got to New Mexico! Moving in was a breeze. We decided not to bring very much with us. We only brought the essentials that could fit into our Pilot and our car top carrier. It was kind of a drama actually because we were going to bring our Jeep with us as well, but we discovered that our Pilot was not strong enough to tow the Jeep, and we didn't really want to take a cross country road trip with two kids driving separately... So we ditched the Jeep and only packed up the Pilot with the thought that we would get the Jeep here somehow later. ANYWAY that was a crazy idea and it did not work at all. So we found ourselves at our new apartment with only one vehicle, and Alex's work 30 minutes away. Quite the dilemma! I could drive him to and from work, but that would take two hours of my day! And with children's sleep schedules to consider, it just wasn't a great option. Basically, we could pay a thousand dollars to have the Jeep shipped to us, or we could make friends and find a carpool. Alex worked hard on the second option, and I worked hard at staying sane while confined to our apartment complex for one week. 

Needless to say, it was one of the longer weeks of my life. 

However, wonder of wonders! Alex found a person to carpool with, and life was looking up! Way up! So far up that we decided to take a trip to the top of the mountains that weekend! Here are some pictures of that lovely adventure. 

 (You may notice that Amelia had an outfit change. She definitely had a blowout. In fact, there is only one time I've had her in that first outfit where she DIDN'T blow out in it. I refuse to give up!)

It was SO wonderful (especially for me and the kids) to get out of the house and be in nature! It was a beautiful experience being back in the mountains! Our first week in Albuquerque was kind of a rough start. None of us were thrilled to be there, honestly. (It has gotten better!) So going up into the mountains really lifted our spirits. Except for Nathan, I guess, who was very offended at how windy it was.


We went back to our house and put the kids down for naps. Alex and I were hanging out in our front room, talking about how great we want our summer to be, and how the first week had not quite met our expectations, when suddenly there was a knock on the door! We were not expecting anyone! (We only knew one person here!)

Alex went to open the door, and my mom and my sister Abi were standing there on the porch. Completely unexpected! They came to surprise me! And suddenly, things in New Mexico were looking even better. More on that later!

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