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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

New Mexico: Road Trip!

Ok! How's that for a blog hiatus! Turns out moving takes a lot out of you, who knew! I have a lot to say about our move to New Mexico, but I figure I will start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) and talk about our road trip! 

When we were first talking about moving to New Mexico, I kind of thought Alex might get our stuff there and the kids and I would fly. But we started crunching numbers and talking about life with me and two kids in a house where all our essentials were on the way across the country, and we decided we would do the whole road trip thing! I was nervous, for sure, mostly for Amelia, but it turned out alright! We broke the trip up in to three days. 

The kids had no idea what was in store, but you can see from Amelia's face, she was already feeling a lot of trepidation. Honestly, the first day and a half were pretty rough for her. She was NOT happy about being confined for such long periods of time, but it got to the point where if I knew she was fed and changed, we would just keep driving even if she was yelling at us! She only got super upset a few times, luckily. On the rest of the trip she seemed resigned to her fate and just fell asleep. It was pretty nice. 

We stayed in hotels each night, which I was nervous about because Nathan does not have a great track record sleeping anywhere other than his bed. I still have PTSD from our trip to Oregon last summer. BUT! Turns out he is 2.5 years old now, and is much easier to convince to go to sleep! The hotel was a breeze! Alex and Nathan slept in one bed, and Mia and I slept in the other. I brought her Dock A Tot and she had no idea we were in a different place. Man, those things are a gift from heaven.

I liked the scenery in Missouri a lot! It was so green, and had all these rocky cliff sides and hills. It was a nice departure from the flat land of Indiana.

And then we hit Oklahoma and the very tip top of Texas.

Nathan was unimpressed.

Alex fell asleep at the wheel. (just kidding! everything was very safe! he was an excellent driver!)

But then we hit New Mexico! (It looked very similar!) We were prepared to be enchanted. We were begging for it, actually.

Our first view of the mountains. I cannot describe to you how beautiful land elevation is. You will not understand it unless you too, have moved from a mountainous area into a flat area.

We spent our first weekend excursion up in the mountains, but that will be the next post!

So there you have it, a road trip from Indiana to New Mexico. (It was even more boring than this blog post!)

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