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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Mexico: Daily Life

It might seem like all we've been doing in New Mexico this summer is partying and.... that's mostly true! But we do have a daily life where Alex goes to work and I'm home with the kids. It was tricky to find our groove in the beginning, but now that we're more settled, we've established a tiny bit of a routine.

Back in Indiana, I was getting good at having the kids up and going so that we could go somewhere by 10am. We had weekly library trips, park days with friends, Nathan's gym class, etc. When we moved here and didn't have a car for a week, and then had visitors for a week, we got a little thrown off our groove. Now we've made some friends, and I've figured out where the library is. We go to the park most mornings, sometimes with friends, sometimes on our own. Mornings are when the temperatures are much better for being outside. We also head to a splashpad nearby! Alex gets off work earlier and usually gets home around 3:45pm so we have time as a family in the afternoon before dinner is ready which is fun! We sometimes go to the zoo, sometimes go to the store or to the park together. The past week the kids have been in swimming lessons at the community pool which has been a blast! Sometimes we go over to our apartment pool and dip our feet in. The pool is not heated (why??!?) so that's about all we can stand haha. We spend A LOT of time outdoors here, which we are all loving. Sometimes we just sit on our back patio and the kids play with spray bottles and the water table. It's all very relaxing!

I forget that I need to be cleaning the house and grocery shopping because it really does feel like we're on vacation. I'm loving that part of it. Alex and I have discussed a lot about what we want our family life to be like as we head out of the grad school phase, and I'm so excited! We are finding our priorities and growing closer together as a family, and to me, that's even more valuable than the actual internship experience.

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