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Monday, June 4, 2018

Mommy Style Monday: Lunch Time

Ahh lunch time! Meals at any time of day! I am always excited to hear other people's ideas when it comes to meals, because I get stuck in ruts and can't think of anything new to make. The routine we've found ourselves in is that Nathan has a few options for breakfast and lunch, and I just ask him which one he wants and I whip that together, but he eats whatever I make for dinner. (Or he doesn't eat it!) Nathan gets stuck on one lunch idea for a while, and he usually doesn't feel like changing it unless I run out of whatever I was making him. It's a little boring, but super easy, so I'm cool with it!

Today I had planned to make him his regular lunch and take cute pictures of it, but he was in a mood so it was a mac and cheese day instead! Oh well.

Here is what I've made for lunch in the past for Nathan:

Turkey/cheese roll ups with pretzels and fruit
Wheat thins with laughing cow cheese and a fruit/veggie
"Lunchable" - crackers, cheese, meat with a fruit/veggie

They are all kind of a variation of each other, but I feel good about it! On random days we'll go with mac and cheese or ramen or something, but not that often. I think the stuff I put above is easier to throw together haha.

As far as feeding MYSELF goes, this is another story. I don't usually eat at the same time as Nathan. I don't really know why! I think I just like the freedom to eat what I want, when I want, and Nathan goes down for a nap right after lunch, so it's a nice quiet time for me. Sometimes I eat the same thing as him. I also love crackers and laughing cow cheese, for instance! Sometimes I just grab a granola bar because I have a ton of other stuff to do during nap time. I'm actually trying to get better at eating leftovers. Alex and I have started the CleanSimpleEats meal plans, and part of that is using what you made for dinner for your lunch the next day! I am NOT a leftovers person, but this meal plan has forced me to be a grown up about it haha, and sometimes I love it! When I'm not feeling it, I pull out the snack food usually. Anyway, truth be told, I'm a bit terrible at feeding myself. So I'm very excited to see what these other lovely ladies come up with!

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