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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Last Days in Lafayette

I have some life in New Mexico updates coming up soon, but I do have a few things from life in Lafayette that I want to get written down before it's even more embarrassingly late! Here's some of what happened in the month of April before we moved:

The first bit is that we got Nathan a balance bike! It started warming up in Lafayette (a tiny bit? Highs in the low 60s?) and we went to our friends house where Nathan borrowed one of their balance bikes. He took off on it like he'd been doing it for months! So I immediately went home and ordered one off of Amazon Prime. I let Nathan pick out his helmet, and of course he picked one that wasn't available on Prime so we had to wait an extra week or something before he could actually ride the bike outside. But I'm a firm believer in helmets, and it helps if the kid likes the helmet! So that's what we did. He LOVES his bike. It's really funny to me now though to see these pictures of him all bundled up riding his bike around. Why was it so cold?! It didn't even get into the 70s until the week we were moving. So dumb.

These two girls are part of the reason it was so hard for me to leave Lafayette for the summer! Whitney and Kristen both have husbands in the same program as Alex, so the stars aligned and us three couples have become really good friends! The guys took a day trip back in March over spring break, so we decided we obviously needed a day trip as well. We planned a trip down to Indianapolis and it was a blast! We got tickets to a Chocolate Fest, and made the mistake of stopping in a donut shop right beforehand... we were a little sugared out! After eating our weight in chocolate, we walked around the city a bit and then decided to get lunch at a healthy place. We stopped at The Garden Table for lunch and it was hands down, no joke, the best BLT sandwich I have ever had in my life. After lunch we drove to a go-karting place and got all suited up! I was 100% sure I would be terrible at go-karting and I was 100% right. Everyone passed me. Multiple times. Kristen and Whitney are both much more competitive than I am, so they did much better than me! We decided they should give first timers some practice laps before the actual race though, because near then end was when we all started to get more comfortable and then it was over! Anyway, it was a really fun day, and I am so grateful for them as friends!

The end of April was full of cleaning and organizing our house. We added shelves to our closets, and got rid of things we didn't need. Our home felt clean and bright and I loved it! (Just another reason I was sad about leaving Indiana.) We are renting our house out for the summer while we're gone, so we wanted to get a few major projects out of the way, and it was awesome! We had a great routine before we left including Nathan's gym class, going to the library, bike rides, and play dates with friends. It was a tough transition to New Mexico because of the shift in routines for sure. Nathan misses his friends a lot, and it makes my heart ache for him, but we'll be back!

Enjoying the warm weather while daddy mowed the lawn

We had so much help from friends while we got our house ready to move and especially in the final stages of packing. We are so grateful for good friends!

Stay tuned for New Mexico posts!
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