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Monday, June 25, 2018

Amelia: 6 and 7 Months

Well! Turns out I missed posting about Amelia being 6 months AND 7 months (she turns 8 months tomorrow!!), my bad! In my defense, I did take the pictures, and I did write the updates in her Promptly Journal. I like adding into the blog as well though, more for traditions sake than anything I guess! I updated Nathan religiously for a year, and it doesn't seem fair to leave Amelia out!

Amelia turned 6 months right before our cross country drive to New Mexico. She was sitting up easily on her own! And once we got to Albuquerque, she started rolling around easily from back to front and front to back as if she had been doing it since she was three months old! (She rolled for the first time at three months, actually, but would only do it sporadically or when she thought no one was looking after that.) Her personality became more and more curious as she discovered how to move toward what she wanted, and grasp things easily. She started to enjoy a new game of me handing her a bin of toys and her taking all of them out. She began truly loving being outside, because of the warm weather, and she rode in the swings for the first time! Surprisingly she was unimpressed by the swing, but we'll try again. She still slept well, waking only once or twice and then going right back to bed. She tried solid food for the first time and LOVED them. She's a veggie girl through and through, and will down a whole jar of sweet potatoes in one sitting if you let her. Unlike her brother, she was skeptical of the fruits, and takes only a few bites before being done. Her hair is starting to grow in more, and much to my surprise, it's blonde!! I think she may have strawberry blonde hair like my mother, which I never expected in a million years. With Alex's genes I thought for sure we'd have all dark haired blue eyed babies, but the light hair came through on her!

At 7 months Amelia is working on becoming mobile!! She gets up on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth. Sometimes she does a plank. And then despite putting all of her energy into it, she finds herself only scooting backward. Our favorite thing is when she gets up on her hands and knees and lets out a battle cry, willing herself with all her might to go forward! And then, inevitably scoots backward again. We're confident she will learn to crawl in the next week or two! Amelia has become a lot more chatty. Where she used to only do high pitched squeals and shrieks (I called her my dinosaur baby), she learned how to say dada on Fathers Day, and now says dada, nana, and baba! It's so fun to hear her little voice (and also be able to hear my own thoughts at the same time). Amelia continues to be the most laid back baby ever! She never complains unless I'm taking WAY too long to get her fed and in bed. And even then, she just whines at me. She only cries if she's toppled over backward or something equally as unsettling and painful. Mia gets compliments wherever she goes on her beautiful eyes - right now they are blue with a lovely green ring around the middle. She's obsessed with Nathan and wants to be with him at all times. When any one of us walks in the room, her whole face lights up with joy and she does a little dance. We put her in swimming lessons with Nathan, and she completed them with confidence! It was so cute to see her little legs kicking in the water, just like she was supposed to do. She loves playing at the splash pad, and will play in the fountains for as long as I let her. We took her to our apartment pool, which for some reason is not heated, and she handled it like a champ. While Nathan was crying because it was too cold, she was kicking in her floaty with determination. We took her out because she was shivering, but she would have gone longer!

Baby Mia is truly a delight in our family. She can make everyone smile and laugh, and even if she has kept me up all night, I can't look at her without thinking how beautiful and perfect she is! She has us wrapped around her tiny chubby fingers, for sure.

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