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Friday, April 13, 2018

Easter 2018


This year Easter was extra fun because Nathan is old enough to grasp a lot more of it! Last year he had fun getting his basket and stuff, but this year was even better. I have realized that I want to make Easter more about the "reason for the season" and less about the Easter bunny for my children. The week leading up to Easter, we focused on the last week of Christ's life before he was resurrected. We used this guide from The Small Seed and had a short little devotional every night before bed! It was a good reminder for me and Alex, and it was fun to see Nathan get excited to hear the stories. He especially liked watching the bible videos, and we had a few good discussions.

The actual holiday fell over General Conference, which in our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a.k.a. Mormon church) is a weekend where the prophet, apostles, and other general authorities share messages with us all weekend. I actually saw someone online saying they thought it was weird that none of the Mormons went to church on Easter Sunday this year, but I don't find it weird at all! I love when Easter falls over conference. We literally spend the whole weekend learning about Christ and how to be more like Him. It's the best way to celebrate Easter, if you ask me.

On Easter Sunday we had an Easter basket ready for Nathan, and we had hidden eggs around the house for him to find.

In his basket I included:
A miniature Mater from Cars.
Three books - Book of Mormon Characters, Temples Around the World, and Joseph Smith History (They are seriously the perfect little church books! You can find them here.)
A magnetic tic-tac-toe board
New church outfit for Nathan and Amelia

Nathan especially loved his Mater! If you didn't know already (how could you miss it?) the kid loves Cars! After that Alex got Nathan going on the egg hunt, and Nathan had a blast finding eggs around the room. They each only had one piece of candy (sour patch kids or cadbury eggs) and two of the eggs had mini Thomas trains!

That night we had Easter dinner with some of our good friends here, and it was so special to gather together with our little families and talk and watch our kids play! I can't wait for next year when Amelia is excited about it too!! Kids are seriously the best. (I say as I hear Nathan banging around in his room instead of napping... ;) )
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