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Monday, April 9, 2018

Amelia: Five Months

My little angel Amelia is 5 months old! I am shocked. She's almost 14lbs, and her wrist rolls and thigh rolls and neck rolls get kissed 1,000 times every day. But those cheeks? Those get kissed double, because I mean... have you SEEN THEM?!!?

Mia has known how to roll over since 3 months, but is very selective about when she chooses to do so. She mostly likes to do it when no one has eyes on her. She's just a very content person. Everybody always comments on her smile. If you smile at her, you are guaranteed a smile back, and it's so fun to see how happy that makes everyone! She brings joy with her everywhere she goes. I constantly get asked, "is she always this happy??" The answer is yes. Unless she is very tired, which I feel like goes for most humans.

She has no trouble grasping whatever toy she wants to hold, and she's probably a week or two from sitting up all by herself all the time! Right now she can do it with minimal support. Sometimes I'll think she's doing fine and then she just face plants in slow motion as she reaches to grab something - with a smile on her face the whole time, of course.

She isn't super snuggly unless I'm putting her to sleep. She's much more interested in the world around her. She refuses to nurse a full meal unless we are in a dark room by ourselves because there is too much to look at. 

Unlike Nathan, Mia doesn't care for binkies. We had one of those green soothie ones you get from the hospital, and she tolerated that one for when she was sleepy. About a week and a half ago, we went on a walk with some friends to the Celery Bog. The Celery Bog is a park with lots of walking paths and a "bog" which is like a large pond... I'm not sure how to describe it. Anyway, we were sitting on the dock eating lunch with the kids, and I reached over to grab Amelia's nursing cover. I did not look at the nursing cover, or I would have noticed that the binky was on top of it, and I would have known that when I grabbed it the binky would fly into the bog. So yeah, the binky flew into the bog, and is gone forever and now Amelia has let me know 100% that all other binkies are THE WORST INVENTION. Oh well, I guess I won't have to break the binky habit for the second time!

Anyway, she just woke up from a nap so I need to go get her, but basically she is the most angelic sweetest baby who ever lived and I often fall asleep feeling like I didn't look at her enough even though I stared at her all day long.

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