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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Spring Break and Hamilton

This year Alex and I will have been married for five years! We'll also be moving to Albuquerque on our anniversary, which is kind of a bummer, so I came up with a BRILLIANT way to celebrate the day a bit early. I got an email saying something about affordable tickets to Hamilton in Chicago and when I clicked on it, it turned out they actually were quite affordable! (Still expensive, but not $500 a pop.) I talked to Alex and he was on board, so we made it happen! I was quite meticulous about my picking of the tickets. I wanted to make sure I got the best seats for the best price, and I think I did ok! 

Originally we were hoping we could make another trip to the D.C. area to visit my sister Abi and Jake for Alex's spring break as our anniversary gift to ourselves, but financially that just wasn't going to work this time. So I was telling Abi about our new plan, and she and Jake also love Hamilton so they ended up coming to us for spring break instead! And then my sister Olivia heard what we were doing and wanted in, so she got a ticket for her birthday and she and my mom decided to come out here as well. My mom said she would babysit, so I was happy about that. But suddenly our anniversary "date" seemed to include a whole group...

We'll just have to do a smaller activity for the two of us to make up for it haha.

The musical was on May 14, so my mom and Olivia flew in on the 13th. Abi and Jake were planning on meeting us in Chicago because they got a cheap flight to Indianapolis with a layover in Chicago. They decided they would just stop off in Chicago and miss the connecting flight. We decided it would be fun to do a little brunch in Chicago before the matinee and it all seemed perfect! Until! Abi and Jake's flight got cancelled. Suddenly it was a mad dash to find a new flight and the only one they could get was to Indianapolis on the 14th, landing at 10am, which meant we would have to get them from the airport and head straight to Chicago. No brunch for us. :(

It ended up being a fun day regardless. Hamilton was absolutely amazing and I would totally pay to see it again in a heartbeat! The cast was so talented. Alex was actually the one who clued me in to Hamilton way back when, and I've wanted to see the show ever since! I remember Alex worrying that seeing the show might take away from the music - kind of like seeing a movie based on a book I guess? (He had never seen any broadway shows.) It was completely the opposite! Everything on stage just added to the music, and actually helped it make more sense to me (since I get a little lost with who is singing when on the soundtrack). I especially loved watching "Satisfied" and I totally got chills during "Wait For It", not to mention teared up during "Quiet Uptown"... take me back!

not the most flattering picture, but the boys were anxious to keep the line moving... typical.


After the show we walked a couple blocks to Shake Shack and indulged in some burgers, crinkle cut fries, and milkshakes. We all agreed the show was worth every penny!

On the drive home we listened to the podcast A Very Fatal Murder, which was put out by The Onion and is pretty hilarious if you're into true crime podcasts! (Which, did anyone listen to Up and Vanished? Because I have some thoughts. Mostly about the podcast host himself. Hit me up.)

We got back to find both babies still awake, waiting to see their Aunt Abi! They had a wonderful day with their grandma, and it made me really wish we lived close enough to have my mom babysit all the time. Maybe someday!

The rest of the week was spent enjoying family time, and I even wrangled in my mom and Olivia to help me paint our hallway and Nathan's room! We are finally getting going on home improvement on the aesthetic level, and I am beyond thrilled. It was so valuable to have extra help especially getting Nathan's room done because that's the one I was most stressed about! Now he can sleep in there while we paint the other rooms and it's no big deal :)

It was a tough transition back to normal life when they left, especially for Nathan! He really loves all the one on one attention, and was pretty bummed when it was just me and him all day during the day again. I felt the same way. ;)
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