CaseyLand: Mommy Style Monday: Transitioning to Spring

Monday, March 5, 2018

Mommy Style Monday: Transitioning to Spring

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Well hello!! I am happy to report that I am sharing this Mommy Style Monday post ON MONDAY!! And it's the correct Monday! (We always schedule it for the first Monday of the month.) Look who is finally getting a handle on her life! ;) To be honest, I had a big deadline at work, so blogging kind of fell to the back burner, because every spare second I had I was working.

Today we're sharing an outfit! For Mommy Style Monday we use "style" as kind of an all encompassing word. It's not just what you wear, but what your style is in all sorts of things. It's been a while since we did an outfit post though, and I enjoy seeing what people are wearing! 

I cannot wait for spring! It got semi-warm this past week, and one day we just sat outside for hours because it felt so good. It's really cloudy here a lot, so when the sunshine comes out I am always overjoyed. I didn't realize how much of a difference seeing the sun actually makes! It does wonders for a good mood. Anyway... back to the clothes...

 I've been working on being really conscious of what goes into my closet ever since I had Amelia. When my sister came for Thanksgiving we totally pulled everything out of my closet and filled five bags full of clothes I don't even wear! I'm on board to try a capsule wardrobe, but I didn't get there 100% this time around. I know I'll be pulling things to donate after this cold winter season is over that I didn't wear at all, and that's ok with me! I want to be really aware of how I spend money on clothes. It's so easy to see a good deal and just snatch something up without considering if you actually "need" it or if it completely fits your style. I'm honestly a pretty basic dresser. I love love love a good t-shirt and pair of jeans, but I also love comfy shirts you can throw on and look like you put in a little more effort than just a basic tee! This shirt fits that category. I was nervous about the big sleeves, but I'm coming around to it haha! My other goal after having a baby and getting back to a normal-ish size was to get a great pair of high waisted jeans. I am obsessed with the ones I have on in this picture! You guys, I never have to worry that when I sit down part of my back is showing and that makes me SO HAPPY.

Anyway, Mia wants me to feed her and put her to sleep so I have to go. Basically my style while transitioning into spring will be high waisted jeans and great t-shirts, while keeping a light jacket or sweater on hand for the chillier days.

Gotta go! It's been fun! Blogging! What a trip!

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