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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Amelia at 4 Months

It's a broken record that every mom continually plays anyway... please time, please slow down! 

Amelia is the happiest little baby. If you smile at her, she will give you the biggest smile she's got right back! She really only fusses if she's tired or hungry and we're in the car, or if I'm taking care of Nathan and she wants to be put down for a nap. (Juggling "who needs me most" is probably the hardest part of having two children for me.) She loves to coo and screech, hold on to her toes, and kick and wave her arms as quickly as possible.

She has the ability to roll from back to tummy and tummy to back, but she still gets stuck now and then. I've started to recognize her communication, and I know that when she talks to me in a lower voice she is hungry, and when she's screeching super high pitched it's the warning sound of her needing sleep asap! It's amazing to me how babies can communicate without words. I love feeling in tune with her and being able to recognize what she needs! I know she enjoys it too. I've never been the type of mom to stick to a rigid schedule. I just try really hard to figure out what my baby is trying to tell me and I go from there. So far it's worked wonderfully!

Anyway, back to Mia... who just woke up from her nap... 

She recently recognized herself in the mirror, and it makes her over the moon happy to see her own little face! She only likes her binky when it's time to fall asleep, and that's only if she's well fed. She eats frequently during the day - mostly snacking, not always full meals - and then sleeps almost completely through the night. (knock on wood!!) She goes to bed right after Nathan, and is usually asleep for good around 9pm. She doesn't wake up to eat until around 4 or 5 am usually, and then goes back to sleep until 8:30am. 

I don't know what I did to deserve such an angel child, but I'm not taking any minute of it for granted! She is my dream come true and I can't stop kissing her chubby cheeks for anything. Like, it's becoming a real issue haha.

Stay small, little Mia. 

(I'll add her weight and everything once we've had her checkup)

Behind the scenes photo :) Nathan wants to do everything Mia does. It's pretty hilarious. He has no idea that in a little bit it will be her wanting to copy everything he does! He just loves the attention. 

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