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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mommy Style Monday: Valentines

Hi! Once again, I realize it is not Monday. Yesterday was a day spent putting babies to sleep. Literally all I remember from yesterday (after I exercised, woo! go me!) is putting Amelia down to sleep over and over and over again, with one time of getting Nathan down for a nap mixed in there as well. Suddenly it was 10pm and I realized I should have got this blog post out, and considered doing it then, but I decided it was time to put myself to sleep instead. Priorities.

For Mommy Style Monday this time, we're talking about Valentines and how you choose to celebrate it as a family! I'm excited about this holiday this year. In the previous years I haven't felt much drive to make it a big deal, especially on the family level, because Nathan wouldn't care that much. But he's really been getting into holidays (his favorite is Halloween so far, he still likes to pretend to trick-or-treat!) so I'm determined to at least do one thing special for him on Valentines! I say one thing because, you never know, I may spend the whole day putting babies to sleep or something...

Here are some of my *tentative* plans for Valentines with my family:

1. I'm really feeling heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.
2. Making Valentines for grandparents/aunts and uncles and sending them in the mail. (if you are a grandparent or aunt or uncle reading this, first off, hi! second off, please pretend you didn't read this.)
3. Find the Charlie Brown Valentines movie. (We've been watching Charlie Brown every holiday since Halloween, and Nathan really likes them haha. They're way funnier now from an adult perspective.)
4. Go around the table at dinner - which possibly could be a heart shaped pizza - and say why we love each other. (reason for the season!!!)
5. I have some stuff up my sleeve for Alex. Alex and I had to have a Valentines DTR, and originally we said not to do anything, but the problem was that I actually wanted to do something, so I made my feelings clear (communication is key!!) and was upfront that I will indeed, be doing something for him.

^^ Here are some pictures of Nathan practicing his Valentines. Should he start an Etsy shop??^^

I just love holidays! I don't think of Valentines as like the one time a year we profess our love for each other, but I think it's fun to have a day that's actually set aside for that? Like of course I feel loved by Alex every day of the year, but it's fun to do something a little special every now and then, and Valentines is a good excuse in my opinion.

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