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Friday, February 23, 2018

Life Lately - Unedited

If you follow along with me on Instagram (@madelinecasey_) you probably know most of my life lately, but even then I have been posting so infrequently lately it's hard to get a full picture! I realized I've been having a hard time sitting down to blog because I feel pretty behind, and it seems overwhelming. So this post is going to be more of a life lately/photo dump post (unedited iPhone photos! old school!), and then hopefully I can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Nathan is still very so-so on his feelings for Amelia. I think in general he *likes* her. I think he also finds her kind of a nuisance. She takes up a lot of attention that could be his, after all. So any chance he gets, he reminds me about "baby Nathan" and shows me how great he is at things like: rolling over, grasping objects, talking like a baby, etc.

I was randomly snapping photos of Mia and when I found these two I could not stop laughing. They also happened to be the perfect reaction to a conversation happening in our family group message.

Some days I am very on top of things and get ready for the day. Most days I am semi-on top of things and get semi-ready for the day. One thing you can for sure count on - one or both of my kids will most likely be in pajamas all day. I've been trying to exercise more lately, so I made a rule that I have to wear my exercise clothes (how hard! so uncomfortable! not...) until I have exercised and then I can change into whatever. So if you see me in exercise clothes and it's the evening, you can be pretty sure I didn't make the time for it. Or you can assume I just really liked my exercise clothes that day and didn't shower or anything. You never know what you're going to get with me!! So mysterious! So fit!

The cutest little thumb-sucker since me and my sisters back in the day. ;) She happily sucks her thumb, but rarely uses it to put herself to sleep. For that, she prefers a binky and much bouncing and swaying on my part. Unless it's time to go to bed for the night, in which case she demands nursing for an hour and *possibly* some bouncing if she's feeling generous. The happy part of this story is that she sleeps incredibly well at night, and I usually wake up feeling well rested.

Ah, Valentine's day. Please notice Nathan's pajamas in both pictures, and the fact that Mia is dressed in the bottom one. What did I tell you? It's very hard for all of us to be dressed at once. On Valentine's Day I stuck to my plan and made heart shaped pancakes. I surprised Nathan with a new car on his plate. He was so adorable I could hardly stand it! He kept saying, "Thank you mama! Thank you!!" about every single thing. That night we went to our friend's house and had heart shaped pizza and pink rice krispie treats. Afterward we tried to play a make-shift newlywed game while our children screamed and jumped off tables and climbed all over us. It was very fun!! 10/10 would recommend and I'm hoping to do it next year. I realize this may sound sarcastic, but it's not at all. Promise.

Nathan's Aunt Abi sent him the most adorable Valentine's card in the mail. (Please ignore the chocolate on his face, and the fact that he is still in pajamas and it's probably almost dinner time in this picture.)

His Grandma Casey sent him this cool shirt in the mail, and he thought the best way to show it off would be some super awesome dance moves! His Grandpa Newhouse sent him a super awesome Utah State University Aggie Bull hat, but we do not have a picture of that because Nathan is a little afraid of it.

Alex took Nathan to a monster truck rally and Mia and I had a girls night in. They drove all the way down to Indianapolis and got to watch the trucks in the stadium the Colt's play at! Alex thought Nathan would fall asleep on the ride home, but he did not. He talked Alex's ear off and then when he got home he was so excited to tell me everything about it, it was the cutest.

It's been very rainy here this week, which means Nathan gets to wear his most precious rain boots (he's obsessed) and he is constantly asking me to jump in puddles. Before we go somewhere I let him jump in the "baby puddles" and when we get home he can jump in the "big puddles". I'm a cool mom, but I am also very in charge and authoritative.

And we'll end with this.

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