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Friday, January 19, 2018

Life with Amelia

So, since I haven't been prioritizing blogging lately, I'm ridiculously behind on sharing bits and pieces  of life with Amelia in our home! Luckily, I have Promptly Journals, and I have been keeping up to date on those, so I don't feel too bad. But my grandma loves my blog, so I'll update here as well ;).  (Hi Grandma!)

Amelia at 3 weeks
The adjustment to two kids was slightly overwhelming in the beginning. The logistics of everything really made me nervous. It took a lot of planning to figure out how/when I could get two kids out of the house! Luckily for the first few week of her life we had a lot of help. My mom and sister Olivia flew out the day Amelia was born, and they stayed for 10 days! Nathan was in heaven. It was hard for him to adjust to having less than 100% of the attention, so it was good to have so many people around to take care of him. I tried to make sure in the moments I wasn't holding/feeding Amelia that I was spending special time with Nathan.

She had some silent reflux which meant that wake-up calls at night consisted of me feeding and burping her for about an hour each time she woke up. I felt like I was just sleep walking most days! Luckily she grew out of that around 6 weeks or so.

Alex's mom Jeanne came to help a week after my mom and Olivia left, and we were so happy to have her! She is just wonderful with kids, and Nathan was obsessed. She spent pretty much all day every day on the floor with him keeping him entertained which was exactly what I needed!

Amelia turned one month old over Thanksgiving which is when my sister Abi and her husband Jake came to visit! AbiJake are Nathan's favorite people (that's what he calls them haha) so again, he was simply thrilled with that turn of events. Amelia was still waking up with reflux during this time, so I was still sleep deprived. Besides that though, she is an amazingly easy baby. I thought Nathan was a pretty easy kid to take care of, but Amelia seriously makes him seem high maintenance (which I think he kind of is ;) ). She only gets fussy when she's hungry or tired, and both of those things are easy to remedy. She fell head over heels for her uncle Jake, and they have an especially cute bond. He would put her down for naps for me by singing Hamilton to her! The first month with baby Mia flew by, and it started feeling like she had been a part of our lives forever.

My sister Abi asked me if it was true that when you had a baby you forgot what life was like before that baby came around. I said no. I remember what it was like to be just me and Alex, and it was so fun and wonderful! And then I remember when it was just me and Alex and Nathan, and that was absolutely wonderful as well! And now we have Amelia and I would never want to give her back. I remember the old times, but that doesn't make the new times any less great. Life just keeps getting better!

Baby Mia turned two months the day after Christmas. She was a champ on the flights to and from Utah. The first time I took Nathan on an airplane he was the same age and he slept the entire time! Amelia slept half of it and was awake half of it, but she didn't fuss at all. And the craziest thing happened - I got to read a book ON THE AIRPLANE! Haha that hasn't happened since Nathan was tiny. I'm usually entertaining a toddler, so it seriously felt amazing to just sit back and relax.

In Utah all of us got sick, so I was really worried she would as well, but she was ok! She did have a pretty stuffy nose, but no other symptoms, and the Nose Frida took care of her troubles easily. My family and Alex's family absolutely adore her. She was spoiled for sure, and I started to get worried she wouldn't be ok with being set down for naps anymore, but we're back in Indiana now and she's doing amazing.

She's started smiling all the time. She gets so excited when you look at her and smile at her, her arms and legs seize up and she smiles so big you can't see her eyes haha. She's developing the sweetest personality. If I make eye contact with her while she's nursing, she gets so distracted and just starts smiling and cooing at me. Her little voice is the cutest thing I have ever heard, I just want her to talk all day long! She's definitely a little mama's girl, and I'm ok with that. I honestly didn't think she was that concerned with me because she's so laid back until a few weeks ago when I left her, perfectly content, with Alex while I got ready for bed. As soon as I left the room she started fussing, and when I came back in the room, she was totally fine! It was a self esteem boost hahaha.

We had to take her to Indianapolis for a test on her kidney. They wanted to see if the cystic kidney has any function, and also if there was any reflux. They had to strap her down to a table and give her a catheter and an IV, and it was the worst thing I've ever experienced not being able to comfort her! I really don't think she was even that uncomfortable with the tests, but she didn't like being strapped down, and not being able to pick her up and hug her kind of killed me inside. It was good to get answers though, and it turns out the affected kidney has 39% function, but she has the worst level of reflux, so it's just imperative that she doesn't get a UTI, and she'll be on a daily antibiotic for the foreseeable future to help prevent infections.

We love our beautiful Baby Mia and can't imagine life without her! Nathan has settled down into big brother status and rarely gives us any trouble anymore. I have figured out how to get out of the house with two kids, and it's not too bad at all! We're getting back into normal life after all the visitors and holidays, and normal life feels great. :)

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