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Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Favorite Things Box!

Once a quarter, we do a special Mommy Style Monday where whoever wants to participate sends a seasonal box of our favorites to another mom! It's been really fun this year, and I think we'll continue doing it!

I got an awesome package from Jessica at Mason Jars and Lemon Bars. She really went all out! Nathan is obsessed with the little book, and I immediately opened the Burt's Bees chapstick. I think I might make the hot chocolate tonight! We leave for Utah tomorrow, so we're having our own little family Christmas today, and the hot chocolate seems like the best way to end the night.

When I think of winter, I just think of getting cozy, watching movies, and spending lots of time with family! I think Jessica's box will help me do all of that. I sent a box to Britt from My Little Sunshines, so head over to her blog to see some of my favorites!

If you want to participate in our spring favorites, fill out the form here! Anybody is welcome!

Britt at My Little Sunshines 

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