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Monday, December 4, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Holiday Bucket List

I love the holidays!!

This time of year is just so full of traditions, it's hard not to feel nostalgic and excited all the time - at least for me! And the best part lately is that we can start establishing traditions in our own little family of four. I absolutely love celebrating the holidays with my family back in Utah, but it's also fun to start doing our own thing, even on a small scale!

This Thanksgiving my sister and her husband came to visit us, and we had a blast. We made Thanksgiving dinner together, went to a local candy shop and made candy canes, saw a fun Christmas light display and visited Chriskindlmarkt about an hour away from our house! I love visiting seasonal events around the community. There is usually so much going on, it's fun to be a part of it!

In our own house, I decided to do a little family party on Dec. 1 to welcome the season! We made and frosted sugar cookies, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the babies  (just Nathan haha) opened their Christmas pj's! It was so fun to share the excitement with Nathan. It's the best watching him start to understand what's happening!

While that weekend was jam packed with different events, here are some things still on my list to do before the season ends:

1. See the Live Nativity. There is a church here in our area that puts on a very well done Live Nativity! You can drive through it, or walk. Last year we walked, even though it was extremely cold. They have hot chocolate and cookies inside their building afterward, and it was a really fun thing to go to!

2. Check out Purdue's Christmas tree. They bring in a giant real tree every season and decorate it, and it is a wonder to behold!

3. Go to the lights at Temple Square when we're in Utah. If you've been, this goes without saying, in my opinion haha.

4. Take Nathan sledding. This may also have to wait for Utah! Depends what happens here!

5. Watch all my favorite Christmas movies - Elf, A White Christmas, The Santa Claus, A Christmas Story, etc. (And also watch plenty of cheesy ones that are NOT my favorite, just because they're feel good shows haha)

6. Make an effort to serve others - in my family and outside my family. Focus on the reason for the season!

Basically I just want to do all the holiday things in my path! We'll see how many I actually get to. I mean, if it was just me I would get to all of them, but I do have two small children and a very busy husband ha ha. I think the main thing is, just spending intentional time with my family making memories. It makes the biggest difference in the atmosphere of our home when we are intentional with each other, and the holidays always remind me of that!

What will you be doing this season? What's on your bucket list? Let's check out the other ladies who signed up this month below. And remember, to sign up here for next time!

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