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Monday, November 6, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Cold Weather Momiform

Ok! It's been quite a while since I blogged last, and a whole lot has happened. You guys, I had a BABY! In fact, she's laying right next to me right now, trying to decide if she wants to wake up or not. I'm planning on updating you all soon on the birth story and all that jazz, but today is Mommy Style Monday, so we'll just have to wait! 

Honestly, besides the baby, the thing I was most excited for at the end of pregnancy was being able to wear WHATEVER I WANTED. Maternity clothes are great for like, five minutes, and then you're just kind of over it. I may not be quite ready to squeeze into my old jeans yet, but you better believe I've been wearing all my pre-pregnancy comfy clothes! (It's not like I have anywhere to be anyway ;) ).

So, without further ado, drumroll please, etc. etc. below you will find my "cold weather momiform". Basically you could catch me in this type of outfit in fall/winter every single day and not be surprised. 

(None of these are affiliate links, they are just links for your convenience.)

1. A cozy cardigan - no explanation needed.
2. A basic t-shirt - I have way too many and not enough at the same time.
3. Fun warm socks - I inherited this love from my mother.
4. Booties - Any kind, but I got these Sorel boots a couple years ago and they are the best!
5. Thick leggings - High waisted please, and I don't want to see ANYTHING through them. Keep me covered, please.

Seriously, why do we even need any other clothes in our closets?

Let's see what the other beautiful moms are choosing to wear for the colder months! If you'd like to sign up for the next month, fill out this form here! We'd absolutely love to have you.

Kiana at Glitter&Donuts
Erica at Good Job Momma

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