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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Amelia: A Birth Story

The end of this pregnancy was completely different from the end of my pregnancy with Nathan. With Nathan, I felt no warning signs of labor at all. One day he was firmly inside of me, and the next day I was in labor. This sweet baby girl kept me on my toes! I felt contractions nearly every day since week 35, but especially once I hit 38 weeks. I was having Braxton Hicks all the time, and had just got used to it. It was a little bit frustrating to feel my body prepping, but still have no idea when she was actually going to come. On Oct. 25, I was a few days past 39 weeks, and I'd been having on again/off again contractions for the past three days. I went about my day normally, trying not to think about the impending arrival. Alex had a test that afternoon, and we jokingly had told the baby she could come whenever after the test was over.

I took Nathan to the library that morning for story time. When we left we still had some time before lunch, and Nathan wanted to go to the park and kick a ball. I agreed, since there was nothing else to do, even though it was super cold haha. We drove to the park and kicked a ball back and forth, and I thought, maybe kicking this ball will put me into labor! After a while at the park we went home for lunch. That evening, I had Activity Days (it's my calling at church). When I got there the other leaders joked around that they thought I wouldn't be there that day! I pretended to be find with still being pregnant, and also pretended to not notice the steady contractions I was having.

After putting Nathan to bed, Alex and I settled in to watch a show and just relax. During the show, I realized that my contractions seemed to be pretty close together, so I secretly started timing them. They were roughly 5 minutes apart! I was surprised, because they weren't extremely painful yet, and when I got to that point with Nathan, I was in SO much pain. I told Alex about the frequency, and we decided to wait and see if it kept up for another half an hour. We called our friends who had agreed to come over in the middle of the night and let them know the situation. Half an hour later, the contractions were still coming and I started to get VERY nervous. Was this real? Was it just practice like it had been for the past week? What was happening? This was just such a different feeling from Nathan's labor I wasn't sure what was going on haha. We finally decided to call the hospital and they told us to come over, so we called our friends who came quickly and got all set up for the night to take care of Nathan when he woke up!

I just felt really silly this whole time, because the contractions were very frequent, but not super painful. I was concerned about the frequency because I know that second babies can come a lot faster, but the lack of extreme pain was confusing me. It was definitely very uncomfortable and not fun, but I was handling it fine. We drove to the hospital, and when we checked in the people at the desk were laughing because apparently everyone in the city was giving birth that night. We got checked in to the last available room! At this point I was feeling a lot more silly, because there were all these women in SERIOUS labor, and what if mine was fake and I took up a room someone else needed??

We got settled in to the room, and the nurse checked me and concluded I was at 4cm dilated. So that was good. I was 4cm when I checked in with Nathan too! But then she asked me to rate my pain and all I could say was like, 6? Maybe 7? She seemed skeptical of my presence there, but I could have been projecting my own insecurity onto her haha. She said she would leave me there for a bit and have the doctor on call come in and decide if I should go or stay.


I was definitely in extreme pain, and there had been no sign of the doctor or any nurse since the first nurse left! The contractions were coming one after the other, and I kept thinking for sure the nurse or a doctor would come back any minute. Finally, I just told Alex we needed to call them because I wanted the epidural and they were taking too long. This whole time we could hear other ladies down the hall giving birth, and it was actually kind of crazy! Alex called the nurse and told them I was in a lot of pain and they should come back, so the first nurse finally came back. They got me all set up with the iv, which I just have to say is definitely the worst part of having a baby. They totally messed up the first time and were like, "sorry! We never mess up! We're all really good at doing this!" But you know what? When I had Nathan the SAME thing happened, so I don't believe them. I have a super nasty bruise on my arm from this now.

Anyway, the blessed anesthesiologist came in and did his duty. Pain free, I happily relaxed on the bed and tried to get some sleep. To everyone who chooses to have unmedicated births, I salute you. Frankly, the epidural is my favorite, and I am not ashamed. I got the epidural around 3:00am and after that we just waited! I tried to sleep, but the hospital bed is just the worst, and the blood pressure thing squeezes your arm every 15 minutes, and yeah, I at least got some relaxing in. At about 6am the nurse finally came back (yes, we were left alone for a few more hours. I think this was because they were so busy with all the other women, but it was a stark contrast from when I was in labor with Nathan! They were much more attentive to me.) She checked me and said something like, "There is still a little bit of cervix left, I'm going to get a delivery table ready." And then she left the room very quickly. I was like, "What? What does that mean!?" Like, was I about to have the baby? What was happening? Alex was clueless as well. That was the last time I saw that nurse. I think she must have been very tired.

They got the delivery table set up, and a fresh, not tired nurse came in and happily clarified that I would indeed be having the baby in about an hour, and I should call her if I felt a lot of pressure. The nice thing about the epidural is that I really could feel pressure, but no pain. I did not feel out of control of my body whatsoever. So about an hour later, I was feeling lots of pressure and they came back in and got ready to deliver!

This part is seriously so surreal. It was surreal with Nathan, and it was just as surreal with this baby. After nine long months, you finally get to meet this little person you've been dreaming about!! I pushed for like 10 minutes, and out she came! She was face up, which could have been a big problem, but she was just a tiny little thing, so it didn't cause any issues.

Sweet little Amelia Casey was born at 7:53am on Oct. 26, 2017, weighing 6lb 12oz! We were in awe of how tiny she was. We were also in awe of how loud she was. She wasn't thrilled about the whole ordeal haha. But now she is the most content, happy little thing and we can't imagine life without her. I can't believe I'm a mother to two sweet little spirits, but I love them both so much!! Nathan was so excited to meet her and was so soft and sweet with her. He even said, "I love baby Mia!"

I love my little family of four!

p.s. why does everyone have babies in the middle of the night? Like, no one was giving birth at noon the next day. (I know, because they didn't have enough rooms on the mother/baby floor for me to move into so I had to stay in delivery all day.) Is there a scientific reason for this?? Alex and I were discussing.

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