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Monday, October 2, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Get Ready with Me!

Something I have always made a priority is getting ready for the day. I knew that with motherhood would come limited time for getting put together in the morning, but I tried to make sure I consistently did it, because for me it really sets the tone for the rest of my day! I'm not talking about getting dressed to the nines with a full face of makeup every single day - there's really no point to that ha ha. For me, getting ready ALWAYS includes washing my face and moisturizing. It USUALLY includes putting a small amount of makeup on. And it SOMETIMES includes doing my hair.

If I've at least washed my face, I feel much better about getting started on my day! I will usually throw on some CC cream, under eye concealer (be gone dark circles!!), a little blush, fill in the eyebrows, and it's not complete without mascara. This process takes less than 10 minutes. If I'm feeling fancy I will straighten or curl my hair, but you better believe that only happens regularly on Sundays. I also put more effort into my makeup on Sundays, but today I'm focusing on a typical weekday for you all!

Yes, a lot of Mary Kay ha ha.. that's a long story, that maybe I will share one day. Until then, this is what I have:

Mary Kay Timewise Face Wash, Moisturizer, and Day Solution - I've been using this stuff for two years now, and I really haven't felt like switching anything up! I definitely see the results I want from their skin care, and I'm not ashamed of it ha ha. In fact, I recommend it highly! I use their night solution, you guessed it, at night, and it is awesome as well.

Mary Kay CC Cream - I love this because it does what it's supposed to, color corrects, and it feels super light on the skin, like you aren't wearing anything at all! PLUS it has sunscreen in it, and I love feeling like my face is protected. My nicer foundation for dates or Sundays is the Tarte Amazonian Clay and I will go to my grave announcing it's the best foundation in the world. Amen.

Under Eye Concealer - I recently got the Mary Kay under eye concealer, and it works GREAT at erasing the dark circles. What it doesn't do is brighten, so for days when I want a little more brightness under my eyes I use the NYX Gotcha Covered concealer in a shade lighter than my normal skin tone. It also works great, but feels a little thicker and creases sometimes.

Brows - Right now I'm using the e.l.f. brow pencil thing, and I'm feeling fine about the results. You can't beat the $2 price either.

Mascara - I am all over the place with mascara, but right now I'm using the Maybelline Rocket Volume and I really like it! At night I put this oil on my eyelashes, recommended by my friend Monica, and it's seriously increased the length and volume like crazy, so this mascara looks awesome on my lashes now haha.

Anyway, here's a blurry picture of what I look like today. Nothing fancy at all, but it helps me feel put together, and ready to take on the day! I'm always more productive if I took the time to get ready.

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