CaseyLand: The Caseys go to Washington pt. 2

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Caseys go to Washington pt. 2

Alright alright! So, our first night at Abi and Jake's apartment was a roller coaster ride. Nathan was up every hour wondering what the heck was going on with his life. So that was fun. We were up for the day around 9, and we just took it easy for the morning! 

We got ready for church at 1pm, and it was really fun attending their little ward in Virginia! Nathan slept all through sacrament meeting, which was very nice. I wish he would do that here ha ha. 

After church we took a drive to Manassas National Battlefield Park. It was very interesting! It's so crazy to think back to the Civil War and realize that it literally happened in people's backyards. This particular battle was the first one, and they thought it was going to be the only one! They thought for sure one side would win and the conversation would be over. Little did they know it would go on for much longer than that! We had a good time walking the grounds and reading about the people who participated. It's interesting how relevant all of this stuff still is today! I wish it wasn't, but we definitely have a lot to work on in our society. We had some very good conversations about it on the car ride home. 

(Not a gravestone! A marker for something that happened there.)

Haha, just being pregnant! I had to jump in front of the camera for a minute to show you this amazing maternity shirt I got from Pinkblush maternity. It's like a lightweight sweatshirt material, and it has pockets. I could wear it all day every day, and I'm not even kidding. I can't believe I'm 32 weeks, and at the same time, I can't believe I'm ONLY 32 weeks. :)

After taking it all in at Manassas, we stopped for Ice Cream at Moo Thru on the way home. It was absolutely incredible. Abi was like, "I feel like you guys don't love it as much as I do!" because we weren't commenting on it enough haha, but it's just because we were eating it all as fast as we could! 

They had this cute little fake cow thing for the kids to pretend milk, and Nathan was all about that.

When we got home, Alex and Jake made us dinner while Abi and I took Nathan to the little playground to get any final wiggles out. He made some friends, and then the friendship dissolved over a "whose car is whose" issue, so we all took our kids home for dinner and bedtime haha. Nathan slept much better that night, which was a dream for us all. 

The next morning we got ready (after we finally woke Nathan up at 10:30am) and headed out to the Air and Space Museum! We went to this one, which apparently is not the main one? But it's amazing, and I've heard it's a little more technical than the other one. 

We went straight to the top of the tower, and the view was great! But after a few minutes Nathan was requesting to go back down to the airplanes. He knows the good stuff when he sees it. 

This plane said "481" which looked kind of like "ABI" haha

The space shuttle was so cool! I don't always care about seeing every piece in a museum and reading all about it, but this room especially was very well done. It was so fun to read about the different planes and the shuttle and where they had been and what they were designed for. They also had tons of huge terrifying missiles that made me super nervous about the destruction people in this world are capable of. But it was very cool to see the technological advances over the years! I would 10/10 recommend this museum. Nathan loved every minute of it, especially watching the plane simulators! He talked about it for the rest of the day. "Airplane moving, mama!"

We got lunch, and then drove to Jake's sister's townhouse and walked to the metro station. We rode the metro into the city and walked to Georgetown. It's such a cute place with awesome vibes! Abi and I walked over to Zara while Alex, Jake, and Nathan waited in line for cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcakes. Then we all met up down at the waterfront, ate the cupcakes, listened to live music, and let Nathan play in the fountain! I have zero pictures of any of this! (boo.) I was exhausted after all the walking, and having pretty consistent Braxton Hicks contractions, so I wasn't thinking about pulling out the camera I guess, haha. We got Prez Obama burgers for dinner from Good Stuff Eatery and then walked back to the metro station to head home for the night.
Cute boys on the metro.
All in all it was such a good trip! I have always thought of myself as very much a west coast person. I always thought it would be so fun to visit the east coast, but I couldn't imagine myself living there! That has definitely changed haha. I absolutely loved the city and the surrounding areas, and I could totally picture us living there someday! There are actually a lot of job opportunities for Alex if he wanted them in D.C., so maybe we'll have to keep it open as an option for when the time comes. I just love how much there is to do there all the time. And most of it is completely free! I feel like here in Indiana it's just like, "which park should we go to today?" but over there, there are a million other things to do as a family. We'll see what happens! I still wouldn't mind moving back west when the time comes just to be closer to family. But hey, if Abi and Jake stick around in the D.C. area, we'll have family there too! 

So anyway, I'm really hoping we can go back and see everything else there is to see out there! Southwest better have another great deal! Speaking of which, the flight home was just as amazing as the flight there. They let us have pre boarding because I am pregnant, so we got the front row with tons of leg room, we got an empty seat between us again, and Nathan slept the whole way home. I mean, can you ask for anything more?

Have you been to D.C.? Would you want to live there? Why or why not? What's your favorite thing to do there? Just tell me everything! 

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