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Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall Favorites Box!

Hi everyone! I have loved doing these fun boxes this past year. It's so much fun to receive mail, and to pick out and send cute things to someone else! We've decided we'll be doing seasonal favorites boxes, so that means we'll just do it once a quarter! Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. So, you guessed it, this box is fall favorites!

I got my box from Kiana and it's so cute!

Kiana's blog is called Glitter and Donuts, so it should come as no surprise that her package included a cute Halloween towel with donuts on it, as well as a glittery pumpkin decoration! I love both, and it's making me want October to come right now so I can keep it all out! (The Count Your Blessings Pumpkin is actually already on display, because that works for the whole season, in my opinion.)

The nail polish came at the perfect time, because I REALLY needed to re-do my toes, and I wasn't loving any of the colors I owned. The red is so pretty! And I love the lipstick as well. It's the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink, and it seriously stays on your lips all day long. I gave Lipsense a couple tries, and I was never super impressed. I felt like it didn't stay as long as it promised, and I also hated having to reapply the gloss to keep it on! This lipstick is one you just put on, and don't worry about for the rest of the day and I LOVED that. Now I want all the colors!

And finally, Kiana's cute little boy Boston sent Nathan that book, and it's Nathan's book of choice at the moment. I pretty much have it memorized haha. It's so cute to hear Nathan say "Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin, mama!"

Speaking of Nathan, I should probably hire him as my artistic director for the blog, because he really knew what he was doing. ;) (a.k.a. he saw me set it up and then told me he could take it from here hahaha)

I sent my box to Jessica from Mason Jars and Lemon Bars, so you should click over to see what my fall favorites were!

If you want to get fun mail, make a new friend, and participate in the Winter Favorites Box, click here - we would love to have you! It will be in December, so you have time to prepare!

Check out what the other ladies sent and received below!

Kiana at Glitter&Donuts
Britt at My Little Sunshines 

And if you haven't signed up for our next Mommy Style Monday post going live on October 2 and would like to do so, click the link here.
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