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Friday, August 4, 2017

Just tryin' to be a cute pregnant lady

Why is it SO HARD to feel cute when you're pregnant? Is it just me? I feel like other pregnant ladies are so so cute, and I'm like this awkward whale over here ha ha... I feel like NO clothes look good on me, and I'm not even to the huge part of pregnancy!

The other day we took some pictures of this cute maternity dress I got from PinkBlush. It's super soft and has pockets, which I am ALL about. Still not feeling like I'm pregnancy model status, but it helps to have something easy and cute to throw on! Dresses have seriously been my best friend this summer, and I don't see that changing unless I get some awesome maternity leggings. I'm getting to the point where even my normal leggings aren't comfortable all day long. (cry face.)

Anyway, I like this dress because it seems like a good transition to fall kind of dress, especially with the plaid sleeves. I'm not getting any smaller, so the fact that this will still look cute in a couple months is all the convincing I need! Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?

It started pouring rain during our photo shoot, so naturally some dancing was had. And doesn't this look like Maria? "THE HILLS ARE ALIVE!!!!"

Ok, bye.

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