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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Week in Utah

So after we planned our trip to Oregon, Alex found out he was going to be speaking at a big engineering conference in St. Louis the next week, starting the day after we were scheduled to get back from Oregon! When I told my mom this, she brought up that I might not want to go back to Indiana right away just to be alone for a week while he was gone, and I realized she was totally right! How depressing to come off of a fun family vacation only to be alone for a whole week! (I mean, Nathan would be there, but... you know.)

So, we quickly booked me a flight back to Utah with the rest of my family from Oregon, and Alex would continue on to Indianapolis by himself. He was going to drive straight to St. Louis from the airport anyway, so it worked out fine!

As per usual, I didn't take a ton of pictures of my time in Utah, but it was a lot of fun! You'll just have to believe me without visual evidence. Probably the highlight was taking Nathan to the pool with my sister Abi and her husband Jake. We got Nathan the little puddle jumper floaties and he was so cute! At first as we walked him slowly into the deeper water he was pretty nervous, but we just held onto his hands and got him there safely, and then when he realized he was floating he was like "what the?!" but we kept him calm and just slowly started pushing him around the water until he was just doing it by himself. It was so cute once he was super confident, he didn't want us to help him AT ALL. And he loved jumping off the side of the pool to us! I love how confident he is in the water, because I'm not haha. I wanted to sign him up for mommy and me swim lessons this year, but the weeks never lined up (since I was constantly traveling) and most places you have to have a membership at, and that bugs me.

We also took Nathan to the Discovery Gateway museum in Salt Lake and he had the time of his life there! It's such a cute place to take your kids, I really think they've done a good job with it.

Random aside: Nathan is weirdly good at sharing. Like, he knows when to take turns, and if he has toys that he likes, he will willingly hand them to any kid who looks like they want them. It makes me so sad when kids try to snatch stuff out of his hands, because like 9 times out of 10 if they just asked he would hand it over! In one of the rooms they had these little tractor cars you could drive or push around, and Nathan had two that he really loved, so he was riding one and having my sister Abi push the other haha. This other kid came up and tried to just grab it from him, so he was shocked (because he doesn't think that's normal behavior ha ha) so anyway, I just intervened and asked him if the other kid could have a turn and Nathan was like, "yeah!" and immediately gave it over. He's always been this way, it's so sweet. Like, if he's playing with something or eating something or whatever that he loves, he always wants everyone else to have a piece or a turn and it just melts my heart. How did I get so lucky?!?!

Anyway, here are some pics from the Museum:

Sometimes Nathan still looks like a tiny little baby to me, but in these pictures he seriously looks like he is four years old. Ahhhh!!!

We had a great time with family, but Nathan and I both missed Alex a lot. It was Alex's birthday while we were in Utah and he was in Missouri, so we went to his family's house for dinner and cake and then we Facetimed him and it was so cute how excited Nathan was to see his dad!

Last thing: One night Abi, Jake, and I went to Jersey Mike's to pick up sandwiches for dinner. Nathan was super tired and hungry because we had been swimming, so he was being kind of crazy. He hit Abi so she put him down on the ground, and he walked over to a wall and basically put himself in time out haha! He randomly does this when he starts losing control... anyone else have a toddler who punishes themselves??

He seriously stood like that for like five minutes.

And that's basically my trip to Utah!! We had so much fun, and I hope one day we can live close to our families again, because it's just the best! I am not one of those people who needs a lot of space from family ha ha.
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