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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Day at the Farm

Whenever we've driven up to Chicago, we've noticed that there seems to be a super cool farm off to the side of the road, so we finally looked it up and decided to check it out! Alex's parents were in town for a long weekend, and we thought it would be a fun activity, and it totally was! It was way better than I was expecting ha ha. I thought it might be dirty? Because it's a farm? It is not. It's really well taken care of, and of course where all the people were walking around there were nice sidewalks and buildings haha, but even the animals were super clean and really well taken care of!

It's called Fair Oaks Farms, and they do have crops, but they mostly seem to specialize in pigs and cows, and especially the breeding of the pigs and cows ha ha. We paid for the full tour so we got to see it all, and it was really cool! My mother-in-law kept saying, "I just can't believe there is a place you can go if you want to see a cow have a baby!" haha, because you could go to the "birthing barn" and literally see a cow have a baby. It happens 8-10 times a day there!! We actually missed it because we were on tours, but we did walk in right after one was born! It was so precious and tiny.

I was super impressed with their facilities and everything they do to make the animals comfortable. I was also extremely impressed with their grilled cheese sandwiches... we heard they were famous for them and they did NOT disappoint. I love a good grilled cheese, and this was probably the best one I've ever had, no joke. I of course did not take a picture of it, because I eat my food before it even occurs to me to take out a camera, but it was just really good.

Here are some pictures I did get:

These little tractors were seriously adorable. As you can see, Nathan wasn't a fan of Alex pushing him, but when he was on his own his legs were too short to reach the pedals, so he just had to sit and look really serious. It was adorable.

The baby cow!!

Totally enjoying the pig adventure!

This was the "gestation room" so... naturally.

The babies were so cute!!

In the pig adventure building they had a big ropes course, so Alex and his mom did it! If I wasn't pregnant I totally would have given it a shot.

After this we went on the Cow Adventure, and I was pretty tired by this point so I don't have any pictures. But it was pretty neat! Nathan was all tuckered out, and didn't see the cows. He didn't seem to mind.

It was very cool to see a working farm, and so much fun to spend the day with family at a new place! I love exploring the fun places around us here in Indiana, it makes living here a lot more exciting haha.
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