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Monday, July 24, 2017

Vacation told by my iPhone

We've been back from Oregon for two weeks, and it's making me sad. So here are all the iPhone pics I took of our time there! (Hopefully I'll post my better pictures later this week.)

We took this hike last year with a much smaller Nathan, and had to recreate the picture! 

My dad, Nathan, and Alex. All in their element.

I thought Nathan might be a bit more wary of the sand and the sea, but he acted like he had been born there.

On our flight to Oregon the pilot let Nathan come into the cockpit. Which meant I got to go too! Score.

Let's just say, not much sleep was had on my end during this trip.

My boys.

Alex and I took a picture on the fourth of July on this balcony when I was pregnant with Nathan and I was wearing this same dress! This picture was also from the fourth of July, and now we have Nathan and a baby girl on the way! I guess I better keep this dress forever so I can continue the tradition every year.

Happy Monday folks! Now I need to get off my bed and go clean the bathroom...

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