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Monday, July 17, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: A Day in the Life

Hi everyone! I love doing posts like this because it's so fun to look back on and see what your life was like in that moment! With kids, everything changes all the time. I feel like we get into a good routine for a little while, but then Nathan changes, so I have to change! One of the biggest things that helps me relax as a mom is having a flexible attitude. I am not the type of person to get stuck in one way of doing things. Nathan thrives with a good routine, but we don't live by the exact minutes! We just go with the flow and I pay attention to his needs. All that being said, here's what a typical day of hanging out with us would look like:

8:00 am - Nathan wakes up, and so do I. Either Alex or I will get him out of his crib depending on if Alex is home or not. We usually cuddle in bed as a family for a little bit when he is home, and then we get breakfast ready.
9:30 am - We're ready for the day and off to do something. For a while on Mondays, Nathan had a gym class that was so much fun! If you have a My Gym near you, definitely sign your kids up! On other days we might go to the library for Story Time, or head over to meet our friends at the park. Summer mornings are the best for park time.
11:30 am - Feed Nathan lunch.
12:00 pm - Put Nathan down for his nap. During nap time I will usually work, do my cleaning for the day, or just take the time to relax. Or all three! Depends how long the nap is ha ha. Nathan usually sleeps anywhere from 1.5-3 hours.
2:00 pm - Nathan wakes up from his nap, and we get started with our afternoon. Sometimes this is just stay at home time where I play with him or he helps me finish cleaning. Sometimes it's grocery store time. Sometimes it's go to the mall and let him run around time while I eat a pretzel. Other times we hang out with friends! Like I said, we're flexible haha!
5:00 pm - Get home and get dinner started. Nathan usually plays quietly or I let him watch a show while I make dinner if he's getting really grumpy.
6:30 pm - Alex is home and we eat dinner together.
7:15 pm - Alex does Nathan's bath while I clean up the toys from the day, clear dinner, and put the dishes away from the previous day if I haven't already done that. When Nathan is done bathing, we play with him and read books in his room.
8:00 pm - I rock Nathan for 10 minutes and then lay him down in his bed for the night!
Evening - I usually read a book, hang out with Alex, take a shower, blog, etc. Just depends how I feel that day! And we try to go to bed around 10:30. We went to bed too late last night and I am feeling it today...

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