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Monday, June 5, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: A Day at the Park

It seems like I've only made time to do these Mommy Style Monday posts the past few months... sorry! If you follow me on Instagram you know we have some exciting news, and I just went on a trip to Utah, which I will hopefully blog about this week! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Mommy Style Monday at least encourages me to get out and take some pictures ha ha...

Without further ado, let's talk about a day at the park! There's a park about 2 minutes from our house that we love to go to. It has a huge walking trail, a big pond, and a playground. You can go park next to the playground and skip the rest, but we like taking the walk all the way there and seeing the scenery. Especially if Alex is with us. I LOVE weekends because Alex gets to hang out with us. It's much needed family time, and a much needed break from being Nathan's go-to person 24/7 ha ha.

You may notice that in a majority of these pictures, Nathan is carrying a small soccer ball. If there is a small ball that's easy to carry, he will make sure it's in his arms at all times, no matter how difficult it makes anything else he's trying to do haha!

Mom Brag: I may have mentioned this before, I don't remember, but Nathan is SUPER skilled at kicking a ball. He has this natural instinct when it comes to kicking them that he's literally had since he could walk at 11 months. I don't know where he gets it from. I mean, Alex is athletic, but I certainly am not. Nathan is better at kicking a ball than I am. He gets his little body all lined up and then boom! kicks it right where he wants it to go. He can even get air on it sometimes. I asked his pediatrician at like 15 months if that was normal 15 month old behavior and his eyes got kind of wide and he said, "No, that's much older toddler behavior." And followed it up with, "No wonder he isn't gaining a ton of weight." hahaha yay for super active skinny kids!

Alex always pretends to be asleep and Nathan LOVES waking him up. Nathan has also started to copy things Alex does which is the cutest. A few minutes after this, Nathan laid down on the blue ball like a pillow and fake snored so that Alex would come wake him up. Whenever he fake sleeps, his eyes are wide open and he does this funny breathing that's supposed to be snoring, and after a few seconds he yells "AWAKE!" and gets up. It makes me laugh every time!

And here I am, just being a lame mom who only sits on the bench... but I take advantage of the days where Alex is there to entertain Nathan ha ha.

Nathan makes sure I feel loved anyway. :)

He kept going up the stairs and down this slide and ignoring the rest of the playground ha ha! He made this little friend a year older than him who would literally follow Nathan around and copy whatever he was doing. Nathan loved him and tried to give him hugs. The other kid was like, "what the...??"

I love my cute cuddly boy.

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