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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Halfway There: A Pregnancy Update

Oh, hi...

It's me! 

Remember when I told you I was pregnant? Still going strong! 21 weeks in, to be exact! So, I figured it's probably high time I did a little pregnancy update. 

To be fair to myself, I was terrible at these with Nathan too. Anyway, here goes nothing!

How far along? 21 Weeks 4 Days

How big is the baby? The size of a baseball hat, and, according to an ultrasound, 15oz. 53 percentile! (And roughly the same size Nathan was at this time, so I am thrilled.)

Total weight gain/loss? No clue. 

Maternity clothes? I'm in the awkward stage where my bump isn't big enough to hold up my maternity pants, but my other pants don't fit. So I've been wearing a LOT of dresses and leggings. Comfort is key.

Sleep? Great so far, besides this past week which I will detail more down below.

Best moment this week? Finding out our baby has nothing wrong with her! (besides one failed kidney, which, again, I will explain more about below.)

Symptoms? Tired. I get soooooo worn out if I'm out in the sun. Hungry. But nothing sounds good to eat. The usual.

Food cravings? Popsicles and smoothies. Anything cold!!

Food aversions? Pasta. It just sounds so heavy and unappetizing.

Gender? It's a baby girl!!!! I thought it might be a girl a couple months ago, but then I was like, eh, but it could be a boy! You know, 50/50 chance and all that. And I was totally cool with it being a boy, being a boy mom is the best already, so I wasn't leaning toward which gender I "wanted". On the way to the doctor I thought for sure it would be a boy, so I was SHOCKED. And so so so excited!! 

Labor signs? Nope!

Belly button in or out? Still in. It never popped out with Nathan, so I'd be surprised if it happened this time. Stranger things have happened I guess.

What I miss? My jeans.

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting baby girl!!! I just can't wait to hold her. Also, our vacation to Oregon this next week. It's going to be so much fun to show Nathan the ocean and be with my family!
So, as far as the kidney goes, this is the story: At our 20 week anatomy scan/gender ultrasound, we found out we were having a girl and we were thrilled! The ultrasound tech took pictures of everything else, and it all looked great to me. I remember thinking when she was doing the kidneys that they looked different from each other? But the ultrasound tech didn't say anything, so I just focused on my baby girl and that was that. Right after that ultrasound, I had an appointment with my OBGYN scheduled for the regular checkup and to look at the ultrasound pictures with her. Alex and Nathan were with me, so they wanted to wait in the lobby area instead of force Nathan to sit through another appointment. When the doctor came in and saw only me sitting there, she said she would go get my husband, and I immediately knew something was wrong. I went from cloud nine knowing we were having a beautiful baby girl to cloud zero wondering what could be wrong! It was horrible. She brought Alex in and told us that one of our little girl's kidneys was covered in cysts. She said the other kidney looked good and was functioning, but the multicycstic kidney was no good and would never get better. She said it should be fine, because you only need one kidney to live, but she was going to order a Harmony test - a blood test for genetic disorders - and send me to a specialist in Indianapolis to get everything else checked out and make sure there wasn't something else causing the kidney to fail, or that the kidney failing wasn't a sign that other bad things were going to happen to. So, yeah, that was not fun to hear.
They took my blood and I was seriously just in shock wondering what the heck was going to happen! The results of the blood test were supposed to take TEN days to come back. So the next week was spent sleeping horribly, and any spare moment I had for my thoughts to wander was filled with "what ifs". Luckily, the blood test results came back six days later! And they were normal! That was such a relief. And then this past Wednesday we had our appointment with the specialist to get a more in-depth ultrasound. It was super fun to get to see baby girl again, but I was so nervous the whole time, my heart was just pounding. I just wanted to hear if everything else was all right!
The minute the doctor came in to go over the results I knew everything was ok. He was super jolly ha ha. He told us that as far as birth defects go, this is a great one to have because it's not visible from the outside and it won't cause any problems on the inside most likely. Because you can live with one kidney, it's ok if the other one is a mess I guess haha. Basically her right kidney just didn't form correctly when she was a ball of cells, and it tried to work, but couldn't work so it got covered in cysts, and then it just gave up. So now the left kidney is doing all the work and succeeding quite well! 
The most common question I've got from friend is if they will have to take that kidney out when she's born. The answer is no. Apparently the kidney will just stay in there, and most likely it will shrink and even possibly disappear over time, but that won't happen for years. If it randomly got infected or something they would take it out. Until then, it's just taking up space unnecessarily.

So there you have it! Pregnancy update number one. We'll see if I do any more of these... Hopefully I will!

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