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Monday, May 22, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Summer Bucket List

Hey everyone! It's another Mommy Style Monday!

This time around we're talking about our Summer Bucket List. Originally Alex and I talked about taking one weekend trip a month this summer to places within a few hours or so of us. There are a lot of interesting spots out here in the midwest, and I don't want to leave Indiana without seeing a few of them! I'm not sure if we'll actually get to all the spots (actually, our May destination is definitely not happening haha) just due to money, time, and other obligations. But at least we have a list of places we want to go before we leave! They will happen eventually, if not this summer.

I'll tell you our summer weekend trip list, and then I'll list a few closer to home summer bucket list items.

Weekend Trips:

May - Mammoth Caves. In Kentucky there is this HUGE cave system. I guess it goes on for miles and miles, and not all of it has been explored yet. You can go inside quite a few of them, and even take boat trips in one cave that has water! It's a really cool landscape, so there is also a pretty popular zip line. (Alex went with some friends in March and really wanted me and Nathan to get to go as well. May has been busier than expected, but we'll get there sometime!)

June - Indiana Dunes. I have heard great things about the "sand dunes" up in Northern Indiana. I'm all about that beach life, and I guess in the midwest the Great Lakes are about as close as you can get!

July - (I forgot we actually skipped July because that is my family vacation to Seaside, OR. Definitely a part of the summer bucket list though!)

August - Upper Michigan, esp. Mackinac Island. We were looking up cool places around us, and this was one of the top destinations. Apparently it's an island where no cars are allowed! Looks very quaint, beautiful, and relaxing.

Other closer to home bucket list items:

The Indianapolis Zoo - went there last year, but this year Nathan will actually care ha ha.
Pool days - Seriously wish it could be every day.
Turkey Run State Park - went there last year, definitely want to go back and take a boat ride this year.
Cars 3 - We've decided (good choice or not) that Nathan's first movie theater movie should be to Cars 3. I'm going into this prepared to have to leave early if we need to!
House projects - This sounds funny, but during the school year it's really hard to get things done around the house. Alex's classes and research are super demanding, and Nathan is super demanding, so we have all these high hopes but nothing gets done haha. We're planning on building quite a few things for our house, as well as doing some minor landscaping. Should be fun!

Anyway, that's all I can think of right now. I love summer to just be super relaxing, and I love having family time! Bucket lists are great to remind me how many awesome things there are to look forward to or plan, but I'm all about that spontaneous life as well.

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