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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Best At Home Teeth Whitening System!

One unique thing about me that I always use in the game "Never Have I Ever" in order to win is this: I have never had a cavity. It's true! These teeth of mine have stayed strong. The longer I go without a cavity, the more stressed I feel at the dentist, because I just don't want my streak to end! But the good news is, my dad has never had a cavity either, and supposedly it's all down to genetics.

Anyway, last year I went to the dentist and while I didn't have any cavities, it was the usual disappointed reaction when I let the dental hygienist know that I really wasn't the best at flossing. When I was walking out of the dentist's office I thought, "I have never had a cavity. My teeth are perfect. Why wouldn't I want perfect gums as well??" And you guys! I have flossed every day since!!
I just went to the dentist a few weeks ago, and they were thrilled! My gums looked great! I had no cavities! I was a model patient.

The only thing I would change about my teeth is that I would like to have whiter teeth. I have tried using white strips before, but they seemed expensive, and I felt like they made my teeth so so sensitive! So let's talk about Smile Brilliant.

Smile Brilliant is an at home teeth whitening system that really works! First they send you these little trays with this putty kind of stuff that you use to make a mold of your teeth. It reminded me of getting fit for a retainer. They give you an envelope with the shipping already paid so you can send the molds back, and within a week or so they send you the custom fitted whitening trays for your teeth! Once you have those you can get to work. I put the whitening gel on for about 45 minutes, and then afterward I put on a desensitizing gel for 20! I love it so much because I don't have sensitive teeth at all after using it. It really truly works! I have noticed my teeth getting gradually whiter every time I use it.

I love this system because it works, and it's totally affordable at home teeth whitening. Once you have the trays, you never have to get them done again! You only have to get more gel, and it's very inexpensive. They also use totally vegan and cruelty free ingredients, which makes me respect the company even more.

Maybe next year the dentist will also comment on how white my teeth are? We can only hope.

Since we all want white teeth, this next part should thrill you! I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY!!! Woohoo!!! If you would like to be entered in a giveaway to earn $139 store credit to click this link for whiter teeth

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