CaseyLand: Our Easter Weekend Part 2

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Our Easter Weekend Part 2

The rest of our Easter Weekend needs to be blogged! And blogged it will be!

It's pretty fun having a kid for holidays. I wasn't sure how much I wanted to put in to Easter, seeing as the Easter Bunny is not the true reason for the season and all that. When I was growing up, we got Easter baskets! They were always hidden, and they always included a new Easter outfit and yummy treats. I enjoyed that tradition very much, so I figured I didn't want Nathan to miss out!

I didn't get him many treats, because he really doesn't need them, and he doesn't like them that much anyway. I got three cute soccer ball "eggs" and put a few jelly beans in each. I also got a big bubble wand, as well as a Thomas the Train ballon. Nathan calls balloons "pop!" because naturally, they are like bubbles and should be popped. Then I got this awesome car carrier truck from TJ Maxx (a great place to get nice kids toys for a good price!!), and a couple new hot wheels. Nathan is VERY into cars right now. Trucks are called "chrucks!" and cars are called "vroom vroom!" and everything makes "a beep!" It's all very exciting. I also included a new Easter outfit (courtesy of my mom), and you can enjoy his reaction to that down in the pictures. So, without further ado - Easter Morning.

 ^^Just woke up. Unsure of what's happening.^^
 ^^Ah! He realized this is exciting.^^
 ^^Must run!!^^

 ^^Eating some jelly beans before breakfast!!^^

 ^^He brought his outfit to me so fast, with this serious face like, "what was that doing in there? You made a mistake, Mom."^^


After checking out the basket, Alex made us a delicious Easter brunch, and Nathan and I watched all of the Prince of Peace videos on

And there you have it, folks. Easter weekend in CaseyLand.

*I am not in any of these pictures because I was still in my robe at the time. Maybe next Easter. Also we were going to take a family picture on Easter like everyone else, but we changed out of our Easter clothes so fast after church, it was just not going to happen! 
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