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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Learning Lately: 2

I mentioned a while ago that I'm trying to make sure I am feeding my soul by learning some new things I've always wanted to learn! My last Learning Lately post was about learning Spanish, which I want to let you know I am still keeping up on! It's a blast.

Today I want to talk about cooking!

So, I have always been a decent cook. Like, I didn't really cook, but when I did it always turned out great, if that makes sense. Haha, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or anything, but it's true! I just have never made anything that didn't turn out. (Except the other night when I accidentally burned the quinoa, but that's another story...)

The thing is though, I just didn't really work on making it a true skill. I love baking, and I've always been more motivated to make a delicious sugary treat. Cooking intimidated the heck out of me, because I was always terrified of ruining it. I would totally read the instructions like 20 times, and making a meal would take twice as long as it was supposed to because I was sweating bullets and the timing of everything would get off. But, like I said, I never ruined anything!

So this year, I decided I wanted to really focus on being more confident in the kitchen. This meant that I would have to actually cook frequently, and meal planning is honestly not my favorite thing to do. So one day I saw a friend post on Instagram that she was using meal plans made by Six Sisters Stuff, and I was like, wow! I'll check that out! (This is NOT sponsored at all, this is a true story!!)

can we talk about how this meal literally takes 20 minutes to make??!? And less if you already have browned beef in your freezer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 

So it turns out if you pay a small fee (I'm talking ridiculously small), the Six Sisters will send you a menu plan each week. They have menu plans for large families and small families, gluten free families, and super healthy families! I mean!! I talked to Alex and then decided to sign up for 6 months of menu plans.

It has been AMAZING!! They send 10 recipes - 6 main dishes, 2 side dishes, and 2 desserts, and they also include the shopping list! So when I get the recipes I go through the shopping list and cross off everything that I already have, and then Nathan and I run to the store and pick up what we need. When all is said and done, I'm spending about $10 per dinner to feed the three of us, which is super affordable.

Anyway, I've been doing it since January, and I really feel SO much more confident in the kitchen! I just waltz in there, pull out my recipe for the day, and get cooking! I've notice that I'm a lot better at timing things, so like I'll check how long it should take to make anything, factor in that it's my first time making it so it might take me a bit longer, and then I can have it ready right when I want it to be ready! This is HUGE for me ha ha. Every single recipe has been delicious, and Alex is loving it because we always have leftovers just enough for lunch the next day! I look forward to making dinner every day, which is so weird honestly, but it's just so fun to try new things and it's so yummy!

I took a screen shot of one of our favorite recipes and put it above so you can try it if you want! (Sorry there are no glamorous pictures of me cooking in my {all white} kitchen, the lighting is bad at dinner time and my kid is usually super grumpy and clinging to my legs, and there are usually dishes everywhere. So fancy!!!)

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