CaseyLand: 18 Months

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

18 Months

Somehow, a year and a half has gone by since this little man came into my life. It's been quite the adventure!

At 18 months, Nathan is a happy little guy who knows exactly what he wants. You know how some kids are easily re-directed? Not Nathan. Nathan does not approve of being re-directed. He has a plan, and it's my job to go along with it. A lot of times, I do. In fact, the only time I don't is if his plan is slightly dangerous or not time conducive, or if he's blatantly ignoring what I need him to be doing at the moment. I would say I'm pretty nice, wouldn't you? Ha ha.

Nathan is talking a lot. He says: mama, dada, Abi (his aunt), jacket, socks, shoes, hat, apple, water, hot, car, beep, vroom, ball, kitty, ruff ruff, what's that?, look at that!, whoa!, oh wow!, book, tickle, snack, hi, bye, up, yes, no, uh oh!, help, and recognizes the letter "o". There is probably more... I'll have to update this if I think of anything. If he doesn't know the word he is very adept at getting us to know what he means by pointing, steering us in the right direction, or a combination of both. I have to say, it is a wonderful relief to be able to communicate with him in this way.

He still loves every kind of ball you can think of, and enjoys standing across the room from me and passing the ball back and forth by kicking. He is VERY good at kicking the ball. Better than me, actually. I'm excited for future soccer classes.

His other favorite thing at the moment is cars. Cars say "vroom!" and "beep beep!". He takes all his Hot Wheels and lines them up on our window sill, and then he sits on his chair and waves "hi" and "bye" to all the cars that drive by.

He has learned how to blow kisses and is really a pretty snuggly kid. He loves wrapping his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist and holding on tightly while snuggling into my neck with his head. It's the sweetest, and it will never get old. He loves cuddling on the couch with his daddy when he's tired and watching a quick show.

Technology is his friend, especially FaceTime. He loves calling his grandparents and talking to them on the phone. He's pretty sure phones only work if you can see the persons face on the screen, which is so funny! It's just crazy to think that when I was his age everyone only had house phones. He also has a really good memory and can usually tell me where he left something if I ask him. I started letting him stand on a chair and help me make things like cookies, and he loves helping so much! He loves to be involved in anything I am doing.

Everywhere we go he is the friendliest kid around. He loves saying hi to everyone, waving good bye when we leave, and sharing huge smiles. Taking him to the grocery store is still fun because he's so happy and friendly the whole time we're there! (Please never change!) The fact that he gets a free apple to munch on doesn't hurt either ha ha.

He has a little adventurer's spirit. I always think it would be nice to take him out into the front yard and draw with chalk or rake the leaves, or take him into the backyard and let him run around, but to Nathan, that means that he should be able to run all over the neighborhood! And he would just go and go and go as far as I would let him. (Usually not far enough.) He doesn't want to hold my hand, although I make him in order to cross the street. He's discovered how to climb on things and loves going down slides at parks. I'm excited for the weather to be consistently warm so we can enjoy the sunshine and all the fun parks here!

He got his first haircut and looks even more like a little boy now. He's 33" tall, weighs 23 pounds, and fits into 18-24 months clothes and a size 5 shoe.

Nathan gives me a run for my money, but he is the best little guy. I am so happy he's in my life! In fact, I often wonder what I would do with another kid, because Nathan is just SO GOOD, and I worry my other kids will be harder ha ha... But anyway, I love him to pieces and so does anyone else who knows him. It's just the best thing in the world getting to know him and teach him and love him!
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