CaseyLand: Tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth: 3

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth: 3

Tickets to My Happiest Place on Earth this week include:

1. Following through with my goal and signing up for a photography class. Wish me luck!!
2. Listening to music any chance I get - John Mayer's new stuff is making me weak at the knees!
3. Experimenting with cooking dinner each night! Full post on this to come, but it's actually been fun!
4. Hugging my baby any chance I get.
5. Wearing this hoodie basically every day because it's maybe the most perfect piece of clothing ever invented. Nordstrom Rack. $25. Thank me later. (not an affiliate link. just a real opinion.)

What are your tickets to creating your own happiest place on earth lately? Leave a comment and let me know!! Have a great weekend!

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