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Monday, February 6, 2017

One Sunny Day

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd drop in a share some photos we took from the one sunny day in January where it was suddenly 65 degrees and absolutely heavenly! We had all our regular Saturday plans of heading to Sam's club (me), doing homework (Alex), and living the good life (Nathan), but when I looked at the temperature on my phone I announced that Alex and I had to cancel our plans and live the good life with Nathan! How could we not! We got dressed and headed to one of our favorite parks where almost every other family from our area was also hanging out, and then later we even went and got some frozen yogurt! 

The frozen yogurt expedition just solidified in my mind how awesome my baby is. Sorry, I just have to brag haha. Like, we literally finished dinner, cleaned up, and put him in the car. He talked happily to himself on the way there. We chose our frozen yogurt and let him share with us. He happily played with his spoon and ate a few bites and then calmly sat in his high chair observing the world. And when we got back in the car, he happily chatted to himself on the way home! I just feel like we lucked out big time. He is literally the easiest kid to lug around. (Knock on wood). Sometimes the thing that scares me the most about having more kids is that they'll be way harder than him and I won't know what hit me haha!

Anyway, on to the pictures!

^^ This picture looks like an adorable mommy/son shot but what really happened is he was being a total daddy's boy and crying his eyes out that I picked him up to take a picture with me. And I was laughing like I always do when he has strong opinions about random things. #reallygoodmom ^^

Nathan's hat is c/o Littlest Prince Couture, for those of you who are as obsessed with it as me!
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